Thanks for waiting!
First of all, I would like to thank everyone, who listened to my plead from the previous post. More people than I expected were willing to help and some even jumped into action right away, ordering raws on the same day. You have my heartful thanks for that!
I especially want to highlight our friend named Ace, who provided nice HQ scans of volume 06 right away.
Much thanks!
I got the raws covered for now, so releases will continue like before!
I know that I can be an asshole and complain a lot of about the state of fan translation, but precisely because of that, I am very grateful that so many people were still willing to lend a hand! Thanks again!

Otherwise I have not much to say πŸ™
This is a nice chapter, since it finally as some interaction between Aura and Zenjirou again!
I think this volume will be really good!
The next chapter is unfortunately quite long again, so expect the release only next month. I’ve been a bit more busy with work lately, too. And let’s not forget about all these unplayed games in my steam library… Oh god… Sucks when you finally have the money to buy all the games you want, but no longer have the time to play them πŸ™

Now Enjoy~

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  1. Well in other news the manga translation continues. Kinda wish they had used your spellings for names. Maybe I’m just used to yours, but they feel more like real names instead of gibberish. Thanks as always.

    1. They sound like names from a South American country, the way PROzess spells them. That applies to the country, people, and specific locations. The manga names don’t sound like they come from anywhere, and don’t even seem to follow a similar theme.

  2. Thank you as always. I’m really looking forward to this chapter and the return of Zenjirou/Aura together. I’m happy that you got the scans and thank you to all of you that could help, i couldn’t πŸ™ .

    At the moment i only play konosuba and hearthstone but i understand the feeling. That sucks! πŸ˜›

  3. Thanks for your hard work. πŸ™‚

    I am really of two minds over this concubine stuff. On one hand I want Zenjirou to fight this conclusion (That he has to accept a concubine.) with everything he has, and I actually hope that he will offend quite a few nobles while he’s at it, but on the other hand I don’t want Zenjirou and Aura to fight in their relationship at all. ~.~

  4. Every time I see a new update from you on novel updates my brain goes through a little show with itself of disbelief and excitement at being able to read a new chapter from my favorite light novel. In other words, thank you. I love this novel.

  5. PROzess are the ilustrations of novel 6 in the posted hd raws or are they needed? Because they ar not in the ilustration section up to now. And realy mach thanks for the update.

    1. I assume you mean the colour pages? Then yes, I forgot to upload them. GImme a moment.

  6. I feel your pain my backlog of games keeps growing but I don’t enough time to play them all. Thank you for the continued translations and all your hard work to provide chapters to us leechers.

  7. I totally feel you regarding Steam… Work = more money = more games = less time to play…

  8. Thank you for the chapter PROzess. I have been checking every day for your latest translation. I eagerly await the next installment.

  9. Thanks for the chapter and your continued hard work. This novel never fails to bring a smile to my face.

  10. Hey

    Thanks for translating the story.

    I just noticed one mistake that keeps poking my eye. You keep using “a royalty” where sometimes it should be simply “royalty” without the “a” – e.g. when mentioning royalty should attend the general’s wedding among other places.

    Anyway, thanks again. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  11. Thanks for the chapter.
    I feel that I can guess the answer, but I want to ask anyway. Just to be sure. Do you plan to upload raws of volume 6 to jcafe24 like you did with volume 5?

  12. That’s the problem with Steam. They have so many cheap games you end up buying things you’ll probably never get to. >_<

  13. hello thanks for all the good work on risou no himo seikatsu πŸ™‚
    I was so satisfied with the translation and such and I made all of them up to the latest chapter into epubs πŸ™‚ Its my first time doing such and I would be happy to hear feedback πŸ™‚ Im not selling it i was just so in love with the story and admire the translators for a wonderful job so i made them into epubs πŸ™‚
    heres the link


  14. warmly waiting for the next chapter~
    actually more like the rest of the volume… (I marathon read the things I like πŸ˜› ) but semantics. πŸ˜‰

  15. Thanks 4 the translation!

    With how few in numbers the royal family has become, it’s unrealistic for Zenjirou not to take on concubines. Especially considering how important the bloodline magic is to the kingdom.
    He may not like it, but one of the duties if royalties are the continuation of their bloodline. As they are now, they are one disaster away from annihilation.

  16. So, at the end of the latest chapter, Zenji and Aura have sex. I’ve been skimming since chapter two so I’m not sure but is this the first time these two have been intimate since Aura got pregnant?

    Cause, there are ways of having sex without having vaginal sex, ya know? If she wanted to make her man happy, she could have put some work into making sure he got off. I can only assume he’s masterbating in secret, since he would be embarrassed to admit how much the lack of intimacy is bothering him, which is kinda… unlikely, given that there is no ready way to hide the results of his actions.

    This guy is surrounded by hot women that want to sleep with him. He’s being told that he SHOULD sleep with them, and his wife is being a complete cock block cause she doesn’t want to get pregnant. No more internet porn, or even girly mags.

    Not cracking in this sort of extreme situation requires a level of control that men in this position don’t tend to have.

    1. The problem: The women only want to sleep with him, because of the benefits it entails for them and their families, not because of love. And Zenjirou knows that.
      Sure, he could go for a quickie at any time, but it would have life-long consequenes. He already stated numerous times that he hates complicated human relationship and wants to stay faithful to Aura.

      1. I understand he wants to stay faithful, and I get that people look at him as a stud horse, but, the one thing that really annoys me, the wife looks at him EXACTLY the same way. He got to screw her every night until the got pregnant, which ended up being a month or two, then she cut off not just sex but ANYTHING sexual, beyond maybe a kiss, to keep the baby safe. Then, after she gave birth, she kept him on hold because she didn’t want to get pregnant.

        The woman’s got a gigantic pair of tits. Maybe she can use that as an alternative to some other hole he’s not allowed to use? That’s just one suggestion. it’s one thing to be a chaste protagonist that is all virtuous, but this guy had PLENTY of sex. He’s been shown to want it and, he gets completely cut off from it for over a god damn year, with barely a complaint? Then when you consider that this guy probably had access to internet porn and now that’s gone two, well, this level of faithfulness kinda goes past the point of relatability to me.

        This is especially true because he didn’t know her from a hole in the ground until the marriage. The hole thing was a business transaction, when you think about it. Woman summons him, make an offer of ‘give me babies, while not trying to upstage my authority, and you can live the sponge life’. He’s been the one pushing for this extreme commitment to put each other before everything else, including her being queen, that she isn’t even sure she can give him.

        Also, I was hoping for a lot more tech uplifting going on.

        Personally, if I was summoned, and I could make multiple trips, back and fourth for the month grace period. forget about hiding it. I would contact reporters, bring them to the world, have them post an article and then launch a Go Fund Me drive asking for donations to help me fix up this little fantasy kingdom that I was going to become the prince of. It would be so cool to see something like that trending on yahoo.

      2. It never says that Zenjirou had plenty of sex before, just that he lost his virginity to his first girlfriend in university.
        And neither had he multiple trips back and forth, just one.

      3. I meant during the time getting his wife pregnant. He had sex every day until she was pregnant and cold turkey, at which point he not only would be also cut off from various aids like pornography, but he’s still surrounded by hot and willing women, which would make being faithful harder.

      4. you forget one thing, the MC is Japanese… and in stories like this where sex is a subplot it really won’t be focused on.

        although with that said I agree with you on the part where our MC is a partial idiot for not saying something about outer course or other forms of sexual release that don’t involve rough stuff. but hey, that’s how our MC is. he’s not the intuitive find a compromise type person nor is he a roid raging wanna be alpha barbarian. nope instead he’s the Japanese guy that always puts himself at a loss even when their room for work arounds and compromise. : /

        but hey that’s how the author wrote him to be likely because that’s what the author identifies with or at least perceives as a likeable trait. we as readers can either accept that he’s a humanly flawed MC or move on to other stories. not much will happen when it comes to complaining about it to the translator rather than author. πŸ˜‰ (not that I’m saying you’ve been bad venting your frustrations, just it’s a waste of your passion that could better be directed at the author. πŸ˜› )

      5. TLDR:
        contact the author and vent at him. πŸ˜›
        but don’t mention that you’ve read his work here just in case it could cause trouble to PROzess. πŸ˜‰

      6. Never crossed my mind that it could be directed at me. It was legit discussion about the series and I actually welcome that.

      7. mmm it came off as directionless venting to me, thus I threw my 2 cents in and tried to play intermediary just in case. >_>

        also considering the intended reader demograph I’d think a self sacrificing even when there’s room for compromise is kinda to be expected… well when it comes to romance and sex anyways. >_<

        regardless not once did I blame him, just offering alternate suggestions for possible utilization of his strong emotions. πŸ˜‰

  17. Well, I’m certainly not trying to vent at the translator, and apologise if that is how it came across. I was just talking about what I don’t like about the story. I actually think the translator did a really good job. The writing feels a bit less stiff than in other translations I have read. Japanese translations have a very different style from English stories.

    My main goal was just to confirm that he really hadn’t had any sex at all until the latest chapter, cause I have been skimming since chapter 2, and wasn’t sure if I was right. It seems to be the case though.

    Anyway since he is such a passive sort, it makes the MC really unrelatable to me, and that there isn’t a strong focus on tech uplifting (so far, it’s mainly glass, alcohol and accounting stuff, I believe). Therefore, I don’t feel any need to go over the chapters I skimmed in detail.

    This last chapter suggests that the two will be compromising a bit though, so I’ll keep it in my read list for now.

  18. Well, yeah, he technically did not have any sex until the recent chapter.
    There were some little scenes here and there, though, which made have esclated off-screen, who knows. After Carlos’ birth, the author started to focus a lot more on politics, there he might not have seen the need to explicity state every night scene of them.

    Anyway, we have to consider that Zenjirou never had that much sex in his previous life (only one time with his brief girlfriend), either, so he might not be all that “needy” even now.

    Besides, I’m not sure if I want to read about him masturbating. I don’t really need sex scenes either, tbh. Cute cuddling with waifu on couch is so much better :3

    1. Life been really busy as of late? Once again, willing to offer assistance for translation if you need a break this summer.( Can only help out till the start of August.)

  19. Just tripped over your site from the Risou no Himo Seikatsu manga, and am reading through the novels. And then it noticed it was “PROzess”.
    Full stop.
    Wait, that PROzess? The dude listed as translator for a metric crapton of manga over the last decade?
    Anywho, really enjoyed your work over the years. Keep on being awesome, regardless of what the internet thinks. >:3

    1. I would say that the character is defined well, and i don’t think that you need his sexual needs to know about how Zenjirou is obliguing with Aura or how passive he is. Some people don’t like the character, but I don’t think that it is a poor portrayal of the character.

      I don’t think that i would like more this novel if it was talking about how zenjirou is masturbating himself or talking about his sexual needs .

      We don’t know if Aura gave him some relieve because I don’t think that this novel is focusing on that aspect so much, and i don’t think that it is so important for the history. I don’t mind if they give us more details about his sexual life, but in my opinion it isn’t the focus.

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