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I know I really took my sweet time for this chapter, but I have gotten a bit more busy with work lately and that probably will not change for a while.
On top of that, winter summer is coming! As most of you are aware of, I cannot stand the heat, so once the temperatures go over 25°C, I became completely useless and just lazy around the pool.
Nevertheless, I still managed to finish a chapter in this month! Praise me!
I cannot stress out enough how translating is just a hobby to me and should not be a chore, but I am still an advocate of consistency. From previous experience (before I learned jap), I do know how vexing it is to wait for the next chapter. I do try my best to give you at least a chapter every month. As always, I ask for your understanding and patience.
Thank you.

On a related note, Risou Vol 09 is getting released next week!!
I fear, though, it’s going to be a long road until we reach it 🙁
Even now that I am working, I still have no intention to quit translating. I do enjoy it quite a bit after all. But I do have to admit that I am not that eager as in my early days seven years ago anymore. I would like to say that I am putting more attention on quality now, rather than speed. Novel translation, namely text-only translation, do require a lot more attention, since there are no pictures supporting it. The effort you put into choosing the right words directely affects the way the reader enjoys the work, imo. And when I read a novel, I want entertainment, and not read the clusterfuck of an shallow summary that MTL is. Some people may be fine with it, but I am not, so I will take as much time as needed until I am satisfied with my work.

Why am I ranting about that again? Who knows…
One last reminder to all the naysayer: This novel is NOT going to turn into a harem (at least not for the next 2 volumes).
I know a lot of people (me included) fear that the story might develop into the recent fad of generic harems, but the previous 5 volumes should have convinced you already that this will not be the case. Have trust in the author!


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  1. Thank you for the new chapter 🙂 Your translation speed is more than enough and very consistent. No need to push yourself, when you already do such great work! I hope you make it through the dreadful summer. (-.- the sun is my enemy as well)

  2. Don’t worry about it; Personally, I appreciate quality over quantity.

    Thanks for the continued translations!

  3. Thank you PROzess, you beautifull person you.

    And what a twist at the end. I expected Freya to play a bigger role and get closer to Zenjirou, but I did not expect THAT. Looking forward to reading how Aura and Zenjirou deal with it.

  4. Thank you very much for the chapter.

    As always I love Risou no himo seikatsu. Good job for translating thoses long chapters, it’s always a pleasure to read them.

  5. Thanks for the release. Also please don’t post spoilers like that in your announcement! I mean I would have doubted it would have happened anyway but I would have had at least a little doubt after reading the end of the latest chapter. I really wonder what she’s up to, though.

  6. Holy moly that chapter ending.

    Please Please Please Please Please i hope next chapter will be released soon i can’t wait to see what will happen next !!!!

  7. :serval-sugoi: :serval-sugoi: :serval-sugoi:
    Holiday and a new chapter?! I can’t contain all this excitement.

  8. Thanks for the chapter.

    Weren’t both Francesco and Bona from the Sharrow (toolmaking) royal family? Why is she presenting herself as a Jilbell (healer)?

  9. Thanks for the chapter.
    I noticed you wrote Aura name instead of Freya.
    “The culinary art livened up the casual conversation between Queen Aura and Princess Aura,”

  10. Thank’s for the chapter!

    What the hell was that bombshell!
    another cliffhanger. if this was another series, I wouldn’t be able to stand it and demand next chapters released immediately. but with this quality of translations and the story this detailed, I can wait! I can wait for months! but I can not stand if this series get dropped!.. Please don’t mind the time, just translate.. and we will appreciate it..

  11. Thanks a lot for all the effort!!!!! You rock man. BTW any update on tsuki tsuki vol 13? Any news of when it’s coming out?

  12. Thank you for another chapter of this interesting story. Concerning translations, I am always pleased to see both adjectives and adverbs appear in your efforts. Please keep up the great work, but please don’t feel rushed about it. Enjoy your hobby!

  13. “swept a cutesy by holding on to the hem of her dress and lowering her head a bit.” I think it is supposed to be curtsy and
    “Even more so, when she was capable of leading an own unit and defeating the Huge Pack Dragon.”
    Was it supposed to be something like her own unit.

    1. I’m under the impression that it was A unit under her command and not HER unit as in her personal unit brought from her ship.
      like because she was in command of the unit it can count as HER unit. but it’s not her personal unit brought form the north but rather one put together for the extermination of the raptor dragons.

  14. Refeering to this passage that didn’t end up in the quote:
    “Count Márguez preferred […] a high return with low risk policy over a low return with high risk”

  15. well… I’d personally and very much greedily like it if you pumped out 2 chaps a month…. or more… but I think I value stability and consistency more than speed so… do the best you can while being aware of your limits PROzess!

    for your summer heat problem, it helps a lot if you find yourself a good building with central AC to counter summer heat. for example while you TL or do any desk work type stuff go to a library or something and chill out there.

    lastly for the harem genre worry… I think it’s impossible for this series to fall into the cliché even if it does become a harem. I mean the author would have to loss any and all competency for it fall into THAT cliché. hell the simple fact that 5 volumes in the series has yet to loss it’s aesthetic atmosphere tells me the author know exactly how and where the story’s going and roughly how to get it there….

    also no more spoiling even the WHEN of 2nd wife stuff baka PROzess!
    *puffs cheeks out*

    1. I agree. Even if the MC has a de facto harem, it won’t be like the usual one we see in most novels/manga/anime. Although I honestly root for the MC to have a happy life, and if he gets a harem that it works out for him.

  16. Wow!!! great Chapter, many thanks. This story is getting even better by the chapter. Please keep up the great work.

  17. Also I’m give with harem, as long as its logical and give properly, like un this case were he might just be forced to take a concubine, not like those generic harem were they just falls in love with the MC just because his the MC.

  18. NOOOO, ending on a cliffhanger!

    Thank you so much for translating these though, cannot wait for the next chapter!

  19. I am okay with the slow updates due to the quality of your translation. I seen translators who took donations for sponsored chapters, but failed to translate the promised chapters in time. Some even only upload one or two every month despite promise of 2-3 every week.
    As for the latest event, I actually like if a potential concubine shows up like the Northern princess. In fact, I think she is one considering how she is on the cover for volume 5-8. She getting involve with the MC will force Aura to step up her game. Lately, Aura been quite passive, not to mention bossy, and the MC being the typical Japanese beta MC he is just kind of take it without complaining too much. I mean he endured roughly 15 months without having sex, and six of those months were simply because Aura didn’t want it to affect her work. On top of that, the MC has to help with her work mainly because she forces it on him (by putting him in position where it would harm their relationship and public image if he says no). Especially the part about concubine, she keep telling him he needs to take one but when he establish good/interesting relationship with a woman, Aura orders him to cut the relationship off.

    1. As a queen she wouldn’t mind concubine but as women……. die ya bastardo………

  20. I want the next chapter!!!! wooooo very hard wainting for the next chapter in this part freya arregement!

  21. Excellent translation, you’re the best.
    I like the time between chapter and chapter so it is no problem as long as it is such quality.

    But this chapter man, for the love of God do not take too long
    Thank you

  22. Thank you as always!

    Zenjirou y Aura parts are the best. Other characters are ok, but they are sometimes boring. Freya is so bold 😀 . Aura is getting an ulcer 😛 . But it was really an exciting part, it was a powerful cliffhanger

  23. Thanks for the chapter…cant wait for the new one….
    IF possible I would love to read the raws…but cant find them anywhere…does any one now where to get them??
    Recently volume 9 was released too…wonder who that poster girl is…

  24. Thanks for translation and damn the covers on the Page made think I am still far from getting caught up but well now the waiting begins and I want to thank you already for all future releases as well

  25. “This novel is NOT going to turn into a harem …”
    I bet that is going )

    Большое спасибо!

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