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I don’t say this often, but I’m sorry!
I won’t be able to keep the unspoken promise for a chapter per month this time 🙁
The month just had too many hot days, where I did nothing but go to work and sleep.

So far I only have half of the next chapter done. I probably should get it done next month, but who knows what kind of weather we will get, so don’t take my word of it.
I hope you can be understanding of my circumstances.

In order to make some amends, I share with you the pictures from Vol 09, which arrived here last week. Looks promising^^

Beware spoiler: Click me!

Until then~

21 thoughts on “26/06/2017

  1. It’s cool. You don’t have an air conditioner? Even Zenjirou has air conditioning!

  2. I did the same, so I can’t blame. ^^
    Keep it up and good luck with this HOT day

  3. Is the cover illustration Bona or somebody else? Also, thanks for trying. If anyone nags you I will send them internet based death glares. It really has been stupidly hot this summer.

  4. Donation drive to get prozess air conditioning! Either that, or a lot of fans and ice.

  5. Thanks for the preview. It looks like everyone is making their moves. Too bad Zenjirou isn’t an Ikari Gendou fan. I would have liked to see that.

    It’s mainly been wet and springlike in the Northeast US. Plenty of rainbows. I’ve seen two partial spans of double rainbows in the past few days. Weatherwise, I’ve been enjoying this summer.

  6. If it’s alright with you, you can upload the parts that you have translated so far and do the remaining parts in the mean time.

  7. shame about the lack of chapter this month. 🙁
    but anyways instead of lamenting I’d rather give constructive criticism, such as for example go to a library or something to TL when you have the time and desire? or any other public areas that have good AC and maybe free Wi-Fi?


    well regardless keep at it prozess and don’t give up!

  8. It’s fine, at least you tell us, unlike other people who just stay quiet causing rage

  9. It’s understandable It’s a hot summer who has energy left. I hope you have a great summer :D, have a nice day.

  10. No worries as long as you dont just without a word stop to translate everything is fine and dont force yourself if you dont want to qe are all just human afterall 🙂

  11. I thought it would be different, but i see the a harem in around our male MC in the future

  12. just started this recently but i must thank you for all the TLs so far, this is as good as Genjitsu(or maybe even better only read a volume)

  13. may we have an update in the progress of the chapters or your situation so that we may hear the end of the story that is only half done? i really wanna know how this is resolved

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