Toki ga kitaaaaaa!

You did well in enduring for so long! Hometeyarou!

I could rant over trivial things now, but I doubt anyone is even going to bother reading this and jumps straight to the chapter 🙂

Just know this: The next chapter is rather short, so chances for a release next month are extremely high 🙂


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  1. I wish I could read this in iPhone 6 format but unfortunately the theme your using is totally non mobile friendly at the moment, but otherwise thanks for all the effort translating these stuff.

    1. Thanks greatly for all your great translations!
      I dont get what Lancylot means what is more mobile friendly to read than a scrollable wall of text? At least for me this is perfect!

      1. Probably it’s because of the browser instead. Android uses Chrome, but iPhones use a completely unrelated one by default.

      2. It works in Edge on my win10phone as well, but navigation on the site is a bit cumbersome, not having access to the mouseover popup menus of the desktop version. Without a direct link to the new chapter in the post, it is quite a few taps (clicks), and sometimes mistaps, to find the new chapter. Especially when being directed directly to this post from Novelupdates, and not remembering which volume we’re in. The project page we go to when tapping the novel name in the menu, lists up to vol.9, not stopping at the current volume like the desktop popup menu does. It would be possible to go to the main page first, to refresh our memory there, but that is a few extra taps…

      3. That’s some serious problem there. We should assemble a task force and try to come up with a solution as quickly as possible.

  2. hell yeah thanks for the chapter!!!!
    you don’t know how much I waited for this chapter checking for updates every time!

  3. Thanks 4 the translation!

    Can’t say about anyone else, but I do read the rants of some translators, including yours. Better ranting in a blog than screaming your heart out because of stress and have your neighbor banging at your door.

  4. *Spoilery so don’t read before reading chapter*

    Feel like Aura and Freya might have overreached themselves this time with the marriage deals. Freya and Aura both had to acknowledge that (multiple) children were a given requirement of this deal. Freya shouldn’t be eager about that if she really enjoys her independence and Aura knows already that the contract with Sharrow is going to complicate it. Freya can’t know about the Sharrow deal but Aura almost seems blinded by greed here. Enough children will need to be had to fill both a branch family of royalty and an autonomous principality succession line, while simultaneously any with bestowal aptitude are contractually obligated to visit the Twin Kingdom for 3 years where they will be surely encouraged to emigrate. Looks like a convoluted mess however you slice it that will cause tons of conflict, even without factoring Uppsula issues and the fact that Zenjirous relation to Sharrow could cause enmity with a whole religion.

    1. At first look,, I thought that Freya was giving up too much, until I thought of the value of Zenjirou’s royal bloodline and the other Southern bloodlines the Northerners had been after.

      To reply to the comment that Aura is blinded by greed, to modern sensibilities that promote the individual it would seem so. In a world were marriage is politics and the surest form of alliance, plus grow in the need for more descendants, this offer is too good to pass up. It would be incompetence and malpractice for Aura not to take the offer. The blindness would be in not taking up the offer.

      1. Your point about Freya is valid. Zenjirou’s bloodline is valuable, but it’s unlikely Uppsala itself would see any descendants save by visitation. Furthermore, especially given the technological level of the world, it’s unlikely that Freya would be allowed about when she is with child. This goes double for sea voyages that claim 1 in 10 ships.

        I still think Aura is making a risky call. While our perspective gives us information she doesn’t have about complications like from the northern church, she hammered out the contract in detail herself with Sharrow. Furthermore, she KNOWS now that Carlos has bestowal aptitude, confirming Zenjirou can pass it on, that her bloodline overriding it was bumpkis, and Freya has no such bloodline anyway. Maybe she wows me with political maneuvers down the line, but if she adheres to the contract, it seems probable the bloodline gets stolen or even war occurs. Profitable is good, and more descendants is good, but the contract says that people from a foreign nation get to examine every child that Freya and Zenjirou conceive even before they get divvied up between royalty and feudal families. Promising low time/space aptitude descendants to Freya when previous theory was said children would have higher chance of bestowal aptitude is counting chickens before they hatch, and involving another power in an already tricky business. That’s what I was referring to on blinded by greed.

      2. But do you really think that Zenjirou will have concubine? or will have other children than he have with Aura.
        I don’t think so, Zenjirou say to her that concubine was the last thing he wanted. (and add the fact that it will end in harem if he have concubine and children with them, and we all know that Harem is not a question in this ln)
        (sorry for my english :/ )

      3. I’m not quite assured anymore about Zenjirou not having harem. It’s not like girls big and small will cling to him all day kya this kya that. I even doubt Aura would allow problematic woman of any sort to be his concubine at all.

        But for him to have other woman, having children or not, loved them or not, look so possible now with Freya in the frame.

  5. *spoiler don’t read before reading the chapter*
    At some point Zenjirou will say “no” to the concubine I think.
    Because he said before that it was the last thing he want at all and here he is agree with “kingdom come first”?
    I just don’t understand. Or maybe my english is to bad and i missinterpreted. (if someone can explain me the situation if that’s the case I would be thankful ^^)

  6. “and made sheep’s eyes at him.”

    The goats are sexualy mature (wink wink) 😉

  7. It’s highly risky, isn’t it? When Freya enters the Inner Palace, she would inevitably be aware of Zejirou’s isekai knowledge and technology. Furthermore, if she’ll have to bear Zenjirou’s child, she’d be aware of Zenjirou’s bestowal magic potential in his offsprings whether or not her child gets an aptitude for it (since the Twin Kingdom will need to check it). If she’s given privilege on trading with her home country instead of staying in the Inner Palace, she’d have every opportunity to leak that information.

  8. Obrigado por traduzir.
    A tradução automática do google traduz do inglês para o português quase que perfeitamente.

  9. A very interesting development, exactly what i was hopeing for, now to wait and see how the waiting maids will react to one of thier membership being married off.

  10. “You get three female and eight males for a total of eleven goats. All of them are young and healthy, so you should be able to bred them at once. They are giving plenty of milk as well.”

    It would make much more sense if it was 3 males and 8 females, both in milk prodcution and breeding.

    1. It does make more sense.
      And that’s actually also what the raws say. My bad.
      The damn two kanji for male and female are too similar on a glance….
      Fixed now.

  11. Was I dreaming about Zanji developing a bit of spine a couple chapters ago? Well, it’s not like I didn’t already know that things would just head back to the status quo. I mean, Aura takes baths every day, and fetches her own stuff, because maids aren’t allowed into the bedroom. She even is willing to have sex with him again, until she gets pregnant anyway. Asking for more than that is just really unfair of him.

    Honestly, he cares more about the feelings of a body guard than he does about himself. That Princess must be super happy to find a man that will respect her, while she just tramples all over his desires. She never once cared about what he wants.

    I think it would have been a great twist if there was already info on the computer on how to build better ships. Then the whole tempting offer that was given would have been useless.

    1. She readily presented him the goats as soon as she saw how delighted he was when she mentioned them.
      If anything, her pragmatic approach of the marriage should actually be in favour for Zenjirou. He knows he will have to take a concubine, but has difficulties loving another woman besides Aura, so Freya is just as ideal as a partner for him as he is for her. Sure, they would have to make some kids at some point, but they can take it easy in beginning, so Zenjirou get used to the feeling of a harem/concubine.

      1. so this ln is going to be a harem one? :/
        I was really hoping that Zenjirou take a concubine but didn’t make kids with her and she would just have the title of concubine :'(

      2. I hope it will never happen so. 🙂 (a harem will break all I like in this ln ^^)
        btw thanks for the trad, keep it up 🙂

      3. hm i hope concubine will twist him over her fingers and Aura will cry rivers
        in the corner of harem.

        in about 30-40y they could connect to internet. Soo they cant wait 1 generation with magic they have??? Is kingdom in such critical condition?

      4. The goats are a tainted gift. They were the trojan horse to get her foot in the door. Without that task, she wouldn’t have had an easy pretext to visit the kingdom and draw him out. I honestly found it unnatural how much he separated his emotions for that. If the author was trying to portray how upset he was about her doing this, I feel that Zenji shouldn’t have been acting so happy during that trade.

        Sure, it’s great that he’s got access to milk, but do you want the wife that comes with it? Usually the realization that there is a hidden cost from getting something you want causes someone to sour on the gift. She set him up with a tempting bait for her trap. Made sure he would attend a meeting with her so that she could spring that on him.

        One of my pet peeves is when an author railroads a character and the character does very little to avoid it. I don’t mind railroading, but if a character is truly against something, they need to fight against it, tooth and nail. Otherwise, what was the point of establishing his dislike in the first place? Wants and fears are a character’s core motivation, and should be respected.

        In One Piece, Luffy says he will be a pirate king, and by god, say what you will about the man, he’s got iron determination to reach that goal. I respect that. I don’t respect someone that is actively against a concubine, and then barely raises a fuss when it happens. This is the first real instance of someone cornering him on the topic, and he just caves, and it JUST after he does a whole speech where he is asserting what he wants clearly, for once.

        I appreciate the work for translating. I’m just venting on his character a bit.

      5. I think he’s alright past the anger part and into a more sulky state now, or at least soon will be. like if you need to go to the dentist. sure his “blow up” was nearly non existent like mild but he was (to the MC jap repressed feeling equivalent) a bit peeved near the begging of this chapter. aura was definitely picking up on his bad vibes, but it was more a mild frustrated, or very tame pissy emotional state rather than full on anger like she fears.

        unfortunately this author is under developing his human emotions and making him the more bland jap MC everyone and their dog is used to provided they’ve seen more than 10 harem anime series.

        is this a flaw with the authors style?

        probably as there is plenty of room for a well rounded personality.

        does it take away from the series?

        a slight bit as it makes the MC less relevant to the story as their participation in it is now being used as a place holder rather than adding a specific POV and even light/mild bias to make the story have a tad more flavor.

        does it destroy his persona as it was in the story’s past volumes?

        nope, his character is defined just enough that despite his dislike of having a harem he doesn’t hate it provided it doesn’t destabilize his life. also pretty sure he was trying to keep his mind focused on the goats rather than worrying… so it was him deluding himself and averting his eyes from his troubles… well at least that’s what I think the author was trying to have his mind set be. I could be wrong. *shrugs*

  12. Vielen Dank!! Thank you very much!! Arigato gosaimasu!! ¡¡Muchas gracias!!

    Realmente habia esperado por este capitulo. Its been almost a month since I started to read this series. Hontou ni arigotou gaosaimashita, soshite, sugi no tsuki hontou ni atarashi shou ga ririsu?. Kakkoii. Anata no te o noboshitai.

    I will be waiting with the most patience I can hold. Pero por favor, avisanos si algo sucede, puesto que la espera se puede calmar con otras novelas, but still, not so much as I could wish. Ganbare to Matta na.

  13. Did Skathi really say the White Empire existed only “decades” ago? Wouldn’t that be too short of a time period for it to be erased as a fairy tale and for the Twin Kingdom to establish in the South Continent if that were true? I would assume she’d say at least “centuries ago” if not millennia.

  14. Thanks for the Chapter. I read it as soon as it was released. Unfortunately, when I wanted to re-read the chapter, the link no longer seems to work.

  15. Thank you very much for the translations!
    By the way, how do you find the raw of this novel? Unfortunately,I can’t find it on the web and I would be gratefull if you could help me!

    1. PROzess buys the light novel. Someone else buys the light novel, scans it and sends the scans to PROzess. You should also buy it.

  16. This chapter was great. It was funny how Zenjirou was embarassed :P. I would like to see Freya embarassed, Will we see her weak spot? It seems that they will drag Freya’s marriage for a long time which is not bad, but it wouldn’t be good to leave another character apart, I hope that they will do something with her trip to the north.

    Thank you as always 😀

    1. Oh yus. I like her character. And judging by the image teasers that were posted I was hoping ‘Trip to the north’ as well.
      Doing ship things. Cold nights and important discussions about grog. 😀

  17. Hey!

    Id happily donate you a sufficient amount of money for you to do this on a regular basis (semi income if you know what I mean). Provided that its reasonable and you in fact are willing to, since the FaQ revealed you to be at least relucant with money for raw scans.
    Would that however also apply to money as for motivation/reward ?

    1. It’s no longer a donation, when you expect more/faster chapters in return.
      And yes, I’m aboslutely against that.

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