New Month, New Chapter!

I wish it was always this easy.
As hinted previoulsy, this is a rather short chapter. But it is a chapter nonetheless, so dun u dare to complain xD

Not sure if I will manage another chapter this month. I released this chapter so early, so that I might have the chance to finish another one this month, but if not, I have the excuse to have released one chapter already. The next chapter is around 50 pages agaon, so please go easy on me ๐Ÿ™‚

And seeing as I didn’t get the chance to rant last time, here I go!

(You may skip this if you are an ungrateful leecher and only here for the chapter^^)

Previously I blamed the heat for all the delays, but lately, that’s not quite right anymore. The temperatures have gotten rather comfortable now, but something else keeps me from translating much, namely games. Yes, games. Oh god, when you finally have a steady job and can buy all the games u want, you no longer have the time to play them all. Especially if a Steam Summer Sale comes up…
Worst of all, when I finally free some time for games, I still only play minecraft. Orz.
Dun get me wrong, minecraft is awesome, but I have around 40 unplayed games waiting in my steam library, which probably are just as awesome and definitely more expensive than minecraft (I did buy it for 10$ during the alpha).
Anyways, minecraft is keeping me still busy after all these years. How you ask? Mods.
Not many outside of Germany may be familiar with it, but try out the “After Humans” modpack from Gronkh. I love it (though I modified a bit further myself).
The thing is, two month ago, I killed my long-running save game by going into a different dimension from mystcraft without a return book. Orz. So, yeah, I started up a new world and had to built everything from scratch. All that technical stuff is really awesum!

Moreover (dun mind the inconsistency here, it’s just a rant), I checked up on another favourite game of mine last weekend. It’s an Early-Access title that frequently gets updated, but I had put off for a while, cuz the updates focussed on performance. I’m speaking of The Forest. I can really recommend it. It’s the best horror open-world survival game I have played so far.
Anyway, there’s some cool new stuff now and even achievements, so I have to get them now^^

And last but not least, I did the unforgivable: I started to play Nier: Automata.
I know you need a fan-made patch to make it actually playable, but nevertheless, it’s a friggin awesum game. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for games with good japanese voices :3
The bad news is that I will probably be occupied with it for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

Tb;dr (too boring, didn’t read): There may or may not be another chapter this month. Like always, please dun rush me and thanks are appreciated!


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  1. Have onyl god to thank that youre not playing modded skyrim,we wouldnt get TLs otherwise

    1. Oh, I am playing modded skyrim, but I already got most of it done during my bachelor thesis.
      Same goes for Fallout 4, for which I only have the recently purchased DLCs left.

  2. Just before the picture you call Francesco “princess.”

    As for Minecraft, I don’t really understand it. I think it was still beta, but at the time the only entertainment I got from it was the rather satisfying struggle to set up a mod compatible local multiplayer server.

      1. You called him a blonde princess right after the image as well.

  3. When Francesco started teasing Bona about the pair rings, he used “Her Majesty” to refer Zenjirou.

  4. yep, I understand being occupied by games even if you have/want to do something else, I also do that. anyway thanks for the chapter. don’t push yourself

  5. Enjoy videogames! It’s your time not ours. Spend your time as you see fit all that matters is that you enjoy your time.

  6. Let me introduce you to my friend… Factorio

    There are no endgame, there’s always something to be rebuilt, tired playing for 5 hours straight? Well too bad because this factory is your life now

    1. At first, I stumbled about that, too, but then I remembered the secret contract. Zenjirou told that other princess from the Twin Kingdom about him being from another world. From that story, they realized that he had their bloodline magic as well.
      Francesco should be high enough in the pecking order to know about that.
      Though I find it a bit weird that he is talking about it to Bona so openly, especially since it gets mentioned that she is not in the known about all the inner workings of the royal family.

  7. Thanks for the release. I want to see Freya and Bona’s reactions to his toys from our world.

  8. I know the feeling. You start playing a game at sunset, then suddenly when you looked up from your PC, it was already dawn.

  9. Well having money to buy what you desire is surely great. I hope you don’t spend more time on modding than actually playing the game (like I did ;p )

    And I was about to suggest you Nier:Automata then you told me you already got 1, good for you.

    BUT, do not, I REPEAT, do not read any spoiler until you reach the real ending. It’s like Undertale where you should go in blind until you get to the real ending. And actually 1st ending is more like chapter 1 ending, 2nd playthrough is like chapter 2, and 3rd playthrough is like where the story really start.

    I had never been this emotionally overwhelming since I was born, even recovering from chronic heart disease did not move me this much when I reach the truth conclusion.
    It may sound exaggerate, but once you realize what other people had done so you can get there, and all of the thing you had done before that. It, it overwhelm me with faith in humanity.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      Didn’t even know you needed to play it through several times. I figured it were just different static endings for your preferences like in a VN.

      1. No, it’s like the credit screen in GOT at the end of each espisode. It didn’t mean the game had end in his game.
        Each playthrough is like…

        Chapter 1 == 1st playthrough >> Chapter 2 == 2nd playthrough >> Chapter 3 == 3rd playthrough (which has like 60% content of the whole game in term of story and location and new?
        characters) >> some tricky thing you must do to get real ending.

        Each playthrough have different stories and quests and characters and locations, they are also mostly continue where the previous playthrough left (except 2nd, which fill in missing link and set stage for grand finale).

      2. Well, enough spoilers for now ๐Ÿ™‚
        I will see how it works, when I get to it^^

      3. Sure, Glory to Mankind!
        And you may already notice if you use Jap voice and Eng aubtitle, even with my noob Jap I can tell that the Eng one is quite butchering and “Hollywoody” compare to what the character say in Jap ( If my noob Jap are right).

        Oh and where is my manner.
        After I found this novel 1 year ago, now I can finally say
        “Thank for the chapter!, you are the greatest!”.

      4. Yeah, noticed that right away ๐Ÿ™
        Nothing new, tbh. I just ignore the subtitles.

      5. Well Nier 1 has a nice line up for the english voice actors, Nier was voiced by Lu Bu รคhm Jamieson Price ;). WeiรŸ by Liam O’Brien . And Kaine by Laura Bailey.

  10. Many thanks for the chapter PROzess!
    I’m also busy with Steam games (especially J-RPG) and I just started playing the third episode of the awesome Trails In The Sky : Legend of the Heroes trilogy.

    1. Oh god, the third was already released?
      Sigh, I’m still stuck in the first…

      1. Should also get into trails of cold steel. first one on steam is available but the 1st and second are also on ps vita and soon ps4. 3rd one coming out in japan soon. (part of the sky series too)

      2. I doubt I will live long enough to play all the stuff from my library…

  11. Ah, the ever growing backlog of games & shows to watch & the inability to lessen them. I feel ya’ man.

    Thanks again for your work!

  12. I am an ungrateful leecher but I do love you and never gonna give you up *Rick rolled*

    Cheers and thanks for the chapter~!

  13. I want to play Nier too.. but I don’t have ps4….
    Also, thank for the chapter

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for translating this novel.

    Now, sorry, but it just stings my eyes too much, and I simply get irritated when I see it.

    You keep using the form “a royalty” instead of simply “royalty” which irks me to no end (in big part because I perceive this as an obvious mistake in what I consider a high-quality translation). When referring to people that belong to a royal family you shouldn’t use “A royalty”. They are simply “royalty”.

    Please check the below things if you are not convinced.

    Royalty in dictionary, and examples of using the word

    First example does not say “They treat me like a royalty” but simply “They treat me like royalty”.

    On the other hand, “A royalty” is a payment made by one party, the licensee or franchisee to another that owns a particular asset, the licensor or franchisor for the right to ongoing use of that asset. (Royalty payment)

    As such, every time I read someone being referred to as “a royalty” I have to remind myself that the meaning you want to convey is they “became royalty” and not that they became a form of payment.

    Same with how the narrator recalls Princess Bona becoming a royalty. It just feels very degrading when referring to a person as “a royalty” (even if the person is a fictional one).

    Uff , now that I finally let it out I feel much better. I kept it in for quite a few chapters. At first, I thought it was a joke, but then it wasn’t corrected and I think no one mentioned this before. Basically, it was like the itch that never goes away no matter how much you scratch it.

    Please don’t take it as an insult or anything. If the quality of your translation was poor, then I probably wouldn’t bother to mention it.


    1. I think I was told this before already and fixed some instances, but unfortunately it apparently did not stuck in my memory.
      Hopefully it does now.

  15. I got a bunch in my steam library i bought that require 64 bit. ๐Ÿ™

  16. Oh god I just finished reading through all your translations and I am loving the series so much.thank you for translating.

  17. Hey, I just caught up on the novel and I’m loving it.

    If you like, I’m fairly certain I could help fix your mystcraft save.

    Thanks either way for the translation!

  18. Just stumbled over the manga, then sought out the LN translation, so here i am. XD

    Thanks a lot for the effort, binge-read it (just realized the time spent rending gg’).

    Your tremendous efforts are greatly appreciated. May the spirits bless you!

  19. Im the only one whom check the page at least 5 times a day since the first day of the month?

    Please, someone tell me im not weird

    1. The 100 games bought from the Steam Summer Sale take priority….even if Pro only plays 3 of them like most people :p

    1. In process? Always show gratitude for someone doing something good for free.

      1. (as Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth from Futurama) Good News Everyone! There is an update… later.

  20. Thanks for the update!
    In the meanwhile, the manga Risou is translated up to chapter 8. Many thanks to Dues Ex Scans for the work. I have to say the manga, like manga usually does compared to novels, makes everyone more expressive and somewhat comical.

  21. okay, it’s nearly been 2 months since a fraction of a chapter.

    If you’re dead please tell us so somebody else can carry the torch
    If not I think we’re within our rights to be a little impatient

    1. he’s using his OWN time to translate it for us.
      better show him respect than complain about him being “late”.
      be grateful that he is translating it in the first place.

  22. This site do not ask for donation, nor use the sponsored chapter system.
    If you want to buy the LN and start translating do it. I’m waiting same as you but do not feel the right to nag.
    (but a countdown or a progress bar would be welcomed)

  23. Speaking of Translations, I would not mind supporting the author by buying the novels. I would prefer to have the official English version of them. Any idea when offiical English Risou will be out? Have not heard any news of it.

  24. Thanks for translate this to us! this LN is good as Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki. i hope you can tell us any news for your work, please dont die!

    1. WOW. many thanks Tem. Saw the manga. Was not thinking about it having a novel.

    2. Yeah, Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki is really good too, i really like that novel. and i agree with you brother. to translator, please don’t die!!.. i really like this LN..

  25. Its okay man we can wait, this time it didnt left us in a cliffhanger so it isnt all that difficult to wait.

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