Yeah, sorry, I know late post is late.

I was hoping to get a vacation at the end of this month and finish the chapter, but unfortunately, that vacation did not happen.
So yeah, here I am, stuck with low motivation. Hopefully I will get that vacation next month. Or else…

Anyway, people are already starting to get impatient and reporting me dead after “just” two months.
Jesus, what am I? Your mom? Do I need to tell you every day how am I doing? Get a life, because unfortunately I have one and it keeps me busy.
I am doing this hobby for eight years now (well, official records state the 1th October as my anniversary) and I had many hiatus (read as: ragequits), but I always made sure to make a post about it and I have no memory of writing something like this for Risou.

So please, just fucking wait till the next post. If I drop it, I make a post. If the chapter is done, I make a post. Simple, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, I dun want to disappoint you after this long wait, so I’m doing something I would rather not do: I give you a sneak peek of Chapter 4.
Well, it’s actually half the chapter, but oh well.
It’s more or less still in the “draft” stage, so read at your own risk.
The full and edited chapter will be released once it is done.

Until then~

To the Sneak Peek!

P.S.: This is not a release, but a preview without editing, so please do not report this as a release on any database page. Thank you.

29 thoughts on “28/09/2017

  1. Thanks for announcing, I refresh the site many times a day everyday straight since the last chapter and it was kinda lonely.

    Wish for you to have your timeout.

  2. I saw that going on and opted to remain quiet, since trying to take the high road in that sort of discussion only prompts arguing. Posting all the comments rushing you where you ask not to be rushed at the end of your post irked me though. Hope you don’t feel pressured by the fanbase too much. They are a beast that only gets hungrier and more entitled the more you feed it.

    Many thanks for your efforts, as always.

  3. Thanks for the update and f althoughs inpatient bastards. And again thanks for taking the time to translate for us.

  4. Many thanks for the sneak peek PROzess! Just a couple of days ago I was wondering where you were but I was sure you were doing your thing and had to take care of things, so I didn’t worry much about things (and definitely did not comment about it). I’m fairly sure there’s many, many more who were thinking along those same lines! (Shame on you! Those who were too impatient to wait!) Those of us (barely) sane enough to be patient stand behind you PROzess!
    Also chocolate is good for the soul if you like chocolate 😀

      1. Great to hear that.. make sure you enjoy your life before translating… 🙂
        We’ll wait patiently, your translation worth it…
        I have some advice to help you soothe your fans (including me) that zealously checking your site 3 times a day. Why you don’t make progress report page that updated weekly or biweekly or monthly. With that we can be sure that the translations not dead and can estimating your release date.. That would be great..
        Btw, thank’s for your hard work.. 🙂

  5. Prozess… do us all a favor and stop having a life… like my god man get your priorities straight! geez. 😛

    hope you release soon…

  6. I agree with the others. Please take breaks when you want to take them, and come back to this hobby when you enjoy it. I think your translations are excellent when compared to the other fan translations. (If you need someone to proofread your raw translations for proper and readable English I volunteer my 59 year old self.)

    Please enjoy your vacation!

  7. Many thanks for the update.
    Those impatients leechers are the cancer of this community : they’re always complaining but never give thanks…

  8. For those of you who are impatient little monkeys, please remember there is a LOT of other entertainment out there. How about some fishing? I like fishing.
    Speaking of other entertainment, someone told me of another novel series that is pretty decent. Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki was the name. ( I like it mostly because protag rules and improves life thru innovation/ econ polices instead of cheat powers even though it suffers from large harem plot device)
    There are a lot of mediocre transport/reincarnation novels out there that suffer from stereotypical plot devices and poor or predictable story writing.( does not help that the main protag is always super strong, was a loser before, has a harem of girls constantly in heat around him, hated by unrealistic nobles, etc.). I managed to find( or hear) about some good ones.
    Mushoku Tensei was and is one of my favs though Risou no Himo Seikatsu is my fav too. It too suffers from some overused plot devices but it takes the best approach to it. Its also a sad/happy novel. Currently LN is on vol 15 while WN is done.

  9. It’s just people new to hobbyist serial entertainment. There’s always more of them so it’s small consolation, but they’ll mostly get used to it. There’s a couple of creators I follow that update ~1/ year, give or take a few months, often with little to no contact between releases. It’s just a matter of coming to trust the person spending many hours creating it cares about their work and likely is trying to continue it when they find time (kind of dumb, but that’s the way it is). Plus people are allowed to have multiple priorities in their life, and it’s *their* life.

  10. That’s one of the things I appreciate: You always make a post if you are doing something that veers from your regular schedule.

    I have no problem waiting, and am looking forward to when you finish this volume. 🙂

  11. I totally tend to forget that people most of the times have a life. And they translate and do stuff like this with other things behind their backs.

    Sorry if I made pressure in you or anything and thanks for doing this. I wish I could read a little more of japanese and lend you a hand. But I barely can read a single line and understand what it says.

    I and the rest will wait. And if you see me complaining. Just ignore me, I will remember eventually this message.

    But if you can at least post: still translating or theres been problems so this week I wasnt able to translate anything, once a week or something it will be a little more reassuring. Since a lot of things happened this month. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes. Heck, there could be even an earthquake. Advice. If ever is an earthquake. Get as far away as you can of any building. Specially of the ones of more of 2 floors. It could colapse, if you think been at the other side of the street is safe enough, let me tell you is not far enough and…. man that sound like we are actually your mom…. forget it. Just forget it. Be safe and we will be waiting. But dont ignore that advice, that advice is pure platinum

  12. Never wanted to rush you, I’m sure most of us who were starting to get impatient were just worried, and we would have been fine without the sneak peek. Just knowing you are fine is good enough

  13. Thank you very much for your work and dedication! Pay no mind to the demands of people who don’t contribute. After all, the fact they choose not to reach out with an offer of goodwill, but unilaterally demand without any shame indicates where your wellbeing sits on their priority list.

    Hope you get a break soon so you don’t end up breaking! ^_^

  14. Thank you so much! Your translations are so professional. Always looking forward to reading more from you.

  15. Hey… where do i click to read.. releases clicking the blue words sends me to a blank page. That says ultimate novel failure at the top. But that all there is.

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