My vacation is nearing its end, but like “promised”, I have the next chapter (finally) done!

I hope the sneak peek did help you to bridge that hard time, but remember: That was an exception to the exception. I will most likely not do it again. Policies and so.

The epilogue is pretty short, but I shall withhold it until next month, or you will go without a release for a long time again. I hope that is in your interest as well.
My wishful thinking is that I can finish Vol 6 by christmas, but the Maid chapter is pretty long, so I’m not sure if I’ll manage. Maybe it will be more of a New-year release.

Last but not least: I have four steam keys left over for Sakura games (Yes, I’m proud to say that I have the full collection) to give away. If anyone wants them, come to IRC. First come, first serve.
Only one key per person, though, and please be so honest and refrain from it, when you have no intention to play it anyway.


40 thoughts on “12/10/2017

  1. I haven’t read it yet but after refreshing the site everyday since its last release, I felt like I need to thank you first before anything else.

    God bless you.

  2. Thanks for the translation!
    Keep up your good work! and don’t forget to enjoy the vacation!

  3. Thanks again for your work on translating when I’m sure you no doubt have plenty of other entertaining things to do as well!

  4. Thank for the great translation!! I love this story thanks for keeping up your work.

  5. It’s strange every time I suddenly think of this novel without fail a new chapter is posted by the end of the day.

  6. I humbly make a reverence to you and thank you for this incredible gift. Hope you can keep doing this up to the last volume wich will be the numbre….. ok. For be sincere Idont know wich will be the last volume. But. I hope you can keep translating it. Since theres been several other sites wich didnt even came to translate more than 3 volumes.

    The volume wich makes me more excited is the 9, since theres an image where Zenjiro seems to be angry and the question is almost kiling me.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  7. Thank you very much for the chapter. I wonder if Zenjirou needs to see the Twin Kingdoms before teleporting to there.

  8. Ooh, a completed volume 6 would make a great read for Christmas. ­čÖé

  9. Thanks for your hard work.
    If you a referring to the Sakura Taisen games then sure.
    If you are referring to the adult Sakura games, tempting, but I will pass on that. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

    1. That can have various reasons:
      -You are blind
      -Your monitor is turned off
      -Or you are just on the wrong tab

      1. my bet is he has little idea as to how to use your site.

        well maybe also that unlike other TLer you don’t post links to your recent chapter release in the post informing us about it?

  10. Thanks for the chapter. and i will ask for one of the steam keys. I will play all of the games especially any visual novels that are in english. dont know how to ask for one other than leave my email at ***

  11. Thanks for the chapter, as always. I hope your vacation was a good one

  12. It was a great chapter, but i just love all the chapters with Aura and Zenjirou interactions. Thank you as always ­čśÇ .

  13. Hey PROzess erst einmal vielen dank f├╝r die erstklassige ├ťbersetzung der ganzen B├╝cher. Nun wollte ich zus├Ątzlich fragen ob eine Ps4 kompatible Webseite zum Lesen deiner ├ťbersetzungen in Planung ist? Es ist f├╝r mich relativ unangenehm immer den letzten Drittel eines Buches auf einem anderen Ger├Ąt lesen zu m├╝ssen da dieser im Ps4 webbrowser durch multiple texte nebeneinander und bilder die dort nicht sein solten unleserlich wird.
    Nun nochmal vielen dank f├╝r die harte arbeit und viel Spa├č beim zocken und der n├Ąchten ├ťbersetzung

  14. Thanks for translations.
    Usualy I dont care about Errors but in ch.4 you wrote
    “…Zenjirou was reminded of his imPOTence…”
    please correct or Aura would cry…

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