PROzess uses sneak-attack. It’s very effective.

So yeah, I remembered that most of you didn’t want a corny christmas releases last year, so why bother with one this year?
The chapter is done, so might as well throw it to the wolves.

Finally! Volume 6 is concluded.
As always, the maid chapter is <3
I would say we need an etra side-chapter volume of them, but it would lose its specialty then.

So, anyone playing Guardians of Ember? I have a DLC key from a bundle and dunno what to do with it, so have fun:
Voucher Code “YOGSCAST17”


29 thoughts on “05/12/2017

  1. dragon-maou says:

    true , i am not sure about everyone but most of us prefer immediate release (as soon as translation, editing etc are done ) instead of waiting for christmas or any such important day.

    anyway thanks as always for translation

    by the way , i am now reading the manga of risou , it helps with imagination of characters and action

    p.s: your many sharp replys to fellow commentator are hilarious , so are your faq answers

    • stux says:

      Agreed! Maybe the three troublemakers are fated to stay in the inner palace for good!?

      Many Thanks for the translation!!

  2. Harouki says:


    Maid chapter! This is the best NotQuiteChristmas!Gift ever!

    Well, until the next one comes out anyway… -w-

    Love you as always PROzess

  3. evil villain says:

    Thanks! May the Christmas Spirit not judge you and condemn you!
    I’d like to mention, especially as a translator who does not natively speak english, I think your translations are probably the most consistently high-quality translations I’ve read. Thank you so much for picking up and continuing with your excellent projects.

  4. Worldknower says:

    Hey. Thanks for another great translated volume!

    Have you decided if you are going to continue translating this novel.
    I seems to remember reading that you had not decided a while back.

    I hope you continue.

  5. Merry Christmas! says:

    So I’m thinking the new maids will either elicit some maturity from the troublesome trio…or finally push them over the edge. It sure looks like the author’s lining them up to maybe eventually take over the cooking, cleaning, and gardening departments at least though. I’d be pretty surprised at this point if they DID wind up moving out of the palace.

  6. Yukihime says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter.. i really love Risou very much, so i want to thank you very much for translating this wonderful light novel..

  7. Blinder662 says:

    Just wanted to ask Aura is Her Highness or Her Majesty?
    Because I thought that if Her Highness then it’s Princess.

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