Happy New Year!

Unfortunately for you, this is not a release, just me bragging again.
With Volume 10 of Risou being released last week in Japan, I finally had an excuse to make another batch order.
I mainly order one-shot series, because it doesn’t hurt as much then, when it is a dud.


But this time, I left my comfort zone a bit and took a little risk with a yuri series. I do hope it’s good. I have a one-shot from the same author and the story confused the fuck out of me… I do hope it’s better now.
And since I frigging loved the Anime to SukaSuka, I had to buy all the volumes, even though I read them already online *cough*

Now for the crucial part:


Isabelle looks quite different from the Manga. The other pics weren’t all that meaningful and I’m lazy.
Also, dat Manga Advertisment oO

On related news: No releases until I finish reading all this.

Well, that was a joke. I have a vacation next week, so I’ll be working on the next chapter then.

Stay tuned~

13 thoughts on “02/01/2018

  1. looks like i am the first one to comment, doesn’t matter though . thanks PROzess forsneak peek. and i seriously don’t understand why the manga and LN have such drastic difference for princess isabelle, also can you tell us who is the blonde haired girl is on cover. i assume some noble or princess.

  2. I had to catch up to the manga to see how Princess Isabelle looked like there (and to make sure I remembered who she was). Quite a big difference there! She became… smaller?… in the manga!

    Thanks for the illustrations and Happy New Year!!

  3. Just wanted to drop a big Thank you for your hard work. I only recently discovered this series and I spend a good week or two swallowing up all your releases. Time well spent! Thanks

  4. I dont want to find and re-read the chapter i already read long ago
    But i remember mc described her as “middle age woman”
    So my guess is that it’s the mangaka side that want to change her to loli fantasy
    Correct me if i’m wrong

    1. I think he was just showing her since the manga version of her is so different. Personally I like the manga version better, since shes a small young old person with a sorta kitty face.

  5. the Risou manga is really good. can’t wait for the first english volume. You should look into Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki too.

  6. Akemashite Omedetou.
    Now that there, is a serious amount of books. The ones wich catch my interest where the 15 centimeters between us, Party wa lovecome de (is that the name? i cant see clearly and I can also see the Anata ni kokuhahu shitaino), Neet shoujo and of course. The one wich more of one is looking right now with a certain degree of interest. Even if they cant read japanese. Owari no majou desukedo Onichan ni… is that its name or Niky kyuu sekkaku-chuu…. in that case. Its weird

    Adachi and Shimamura looks like a nice, day to day, shoujo ai novel. Hope we can read a review later or a few notes of all this series you just got. Also. the anime of Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? leave me with a bitter sweet (but more bitter) taste. Someone can tell me if the novel has a little more of hope or happy ending? Or the bittersweetness will keep going?

  7. Happy New Year!

    Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself… or not so much because there’s no rant in your post. I actually enjoy your rants despite me not liking drama or anything close to it. Maybe because you treat us, readers, for who we are – leechers – but you still put up with us which is actually nice. 😀

    I feel like I owe you my thanks. I’ve been reading your translation of Risou for almost 3 years now(since your first post where you rant about MTL, go figure!)but I’ve never been vocal. I just want you to know that your work is greatly appreciated, every time you post another chapter there is at least one guy who smiles happily because his day just got much better.

    Don’t change PROzess! I really like you for who you are – a quality translator who likes to complain. Accept my apology for not thanking you for your releases until now. From now on it will be different. I promise.

    Thank you.

    Your faithful minio- …reader/leecher

  8. You know I’m going through withdrawals right now for all the light novels I’m reading. I need moah.

    I have to wait for the following to release a new volume or new chapter:
    Risou no Himo *
    Kenshi Mahou 9999*
    Skeleton Knight
    Mahou wa Okiteru *
    Isekai yakkyoku*
    The Realist Rebuilds the Country.

    Super sad when my light novel fix is on hiatus until new chapters are released. By the way the stars next to the names are the ones I’m most paying attention to right now. (I also don’t mind OP characters really).

  9. Thank you for the continuous updates. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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