Surprise butt sex!

Yes, you are seeing right. A release.
Yes, you are seeing right. Not Risou.

So I was sitting here, staring at my collection of unread light novels, and wondered why the hell did I buy all these…
Tbh, I’m a bit demotivated for Risou right now. Don’t get me wrong, the next chapter is almost done, but I just wanted to get a break from its stiff tone.

Hence here we go with a more light-hearted novel!
I think the title says more than thousand words.

Just in case, this novel is a teaser. That means: I just do some chapters to distract myself. I dunno yet how many that will be. The series has two volumes now (both on my shelf) and I do hope it gets as funny as Konosuba. We will see.


5 thoughts on “13/01/2018

  1. Better than getting totally sick of a series, seems healthier to branch out and foo other things every so often. Thanks for the teaser!

  2. Surprise sex? Isn’t that an ancient, pre-4chan Something Awful meme? Or was it Portal of Evil? I can’t remember, it’s been such a long time.

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