Rant time!

Or so I thought, but everything I could come up with was some depressing shit like the closure of Batoto, scanlation quality spiralling downwards hell or entitled comments from readers, so I decided against it.

Just let me say this: It really helped to refresh my mind to translate Love Shenanigans (wait, how am I supposed to shorten this?) in-between. I suddenly made much faster progress on the Risou chapter. Hence I decided to translate ch01 of Love Shenanigans (no, seriously, how the fuck do I shorten this?) next instead of Risou. Having said this, both Risou and Love Shenanigans (not even taking just the initials makes it shorter…) have a rather long chapter next, so I dunno if I will make it in one-go. Maybe twenty pages of one, then twenty of the other, etc. We will see.

People might (or actually, already are) hate me for the short-lived teasers, but heck, this is MY hobby. I do what I want.
To be honest, I am thinking of teasing a lot more novels of my collections. Most of them are just collecting dust as I’m reluctant to read more than 2 novels at the same time.
I have this one book with collections of short-stories. This might be suited for the teasers or whole translation. But for now, I will stick with Love Shenanigans (aw, screw it, I will go with this) and see how it turns out. Vol 2 actually has some really nice fanservice.

Now on some unrelated news: I jumped on the hype train of They are Billions and I love it! Subnautica goes live next week, too, so I will be achievement hunting!
So yeah, from the nearly 60 games I bought during the winter sale, I played like three! Way to go!

Wait, so this turned into a rant after all? Oh well.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    They are billions is a good game, I am no good on it tho :D. Good luck on the achievement hunting

  2. “…steep mountain range in-between them as a puffer.”

    Shouldn’t “puffer” be “buffer”? I can’t say I’m sure though. Thank you very much for translating!

  3. I’ve been away from reading manga for quite some time and I didn’t know Batoto was closing, now I’m sad, they were a great part of my life, as a scanlator and as a forum denizen and I’ve followed them when since The Company. Thank you for the chapter, I hope it can cheer me up.

  4. Thanks once again for your work translating! I agree with you that batoto closing is very sad, and hope that in time someone will appear as a successor to them and what they did.
    As for those Steam games, no one ever plays them all after buying them XD

  5. Thanks for the chapter prozess-san.
    And yes it is your hobby, so do as you like. Dont bother with readers unproductive comments.

    And for this chapter, i wish you good luck and success, in anything you’re doing now

  6. Mangadex.com seems to be attempting to fill the hole batoto is leaving and is currently being populated with backed up manga.

  7. Yeah, i totally hate you for teasers, but that’s because you do a quality translation of very interesting series, that very very rarely get picked up by anyone.

  8. I love teasers! I’d probably never find out about these light novels otherwise…

  9. Thank you for everything you do. I’m willing to wait no matter how long it takes. Your hard work deserves commemoration. You are doing a service for free so you don’t owe us anything. Yet you still decide to translate for us. For this I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Thanks for your work.

    I suggest just “Shenanigans” as shortening. Or “Love Shena”.

  11. only ‘warriors’ are giving that privilege. (given)

    The bell just know only signalizes that a guest has arrived at the main gate. (now)

  12. well seeing as it keeps you motivated and even more speedy than usual… why complain?

    plus hate is a strong word, I’d think it’s more like news reporters hounding your every action or something. >_<

    aside from that keep up the good work, and as long as you pace yourself well, I'm sure you could manage 2 different series so long as you don't look at it as work. 😉

  13. *bows to the great translator-sama who takes pity on us who want to read the LN*

    Plis don’t forsake us because of some entitled prices <3

  14. Hmmmm, Ines and the late king Carlos II… I wonder….

    Soon Zenjirou will be complaining: “Every time I leave the capital, it turns into an international incident!”

    Thanks for the translation!!!

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that he either “laid hands” on her, or she wishes he had. I was always wondering if she was young enough to produce a royal bloodline baby, and this might have been meant to put an end to any speculation. She’s in love with someone else.

  15. thank you for the chapter!!!

    About shorten something, you can go with almost anything:
    Simple Love or even Shenanigans LoShe — LoShena — LoveShe — LoGans — LS — LoveS — ♥S — ♥She — ♥Gans — ♥Shena — ♥Shenanigans — LoShena — LShena.

    Or any other way you can think.

    About your collection of LN… yeah, you really tease us. You might be even enjoy it… but I cant blame you, I also do that some times with other stuff XD. And we will wait. We can do that, we are grow up men whom can wait for a whille… or at least I hope mst can do it… XD

    See you later. Take care of yourself

  16. oooh im still waiting for the next update of subnautica before i start playing again.

  17. …they’re not adding Nilda to the harem, right? (rhetorical question)

    mm, I do wonder what her background is. I’m almost inclined to say she’s crafted an alias (or is being used as one?) Maybe a trap of some sort?


    1. After thinking about it more, I’ll theorize Nilda is part of a plot of sorts, or was, even if she didn’t know it. I’ll put forward the possibility the March of Guzzle managed to find someone related by blood to the royal family (either Nilda or her mother). If Nilda had been male, she would’ve probably been used as a marriage candidate for Aura; since that didn’t come to pass, maybe they kept quiet about her in case Aura died either during the war or at least before having an heir since that would give Guzzle a chance at regent / the throne. Now that there’s Carlos-Zenkichi, they’re unveiling her as a concubine candidate for Zenjiro. If that’s what they’re doing, they’ve got a decent shot at it, since otherwise, since the royal family is so small, Nilda represents a security risk. If of royal blood, Nilda’s arguably 3rd in line for the throne. Taking her into the Aura-Zenjiro familial framework (and palace) would reduces the odds of her being used in tandem with an assassination plot.

  18. RSS is god. It’s unfortunate that most people don’t know what the hell that is and even those like me who do have no good way to really use it. I could save almost literally hours heading to your page if I did.

  19. I’m beginning to feel withdrawals from not reading enough of this series. Well subnautica is that great of a game. He’ll be stuck at it for a while. We might not see a new chapter for another 2 months.

  20. Yo Pro, long time no speak. Not really part of the manga scene much anymore, especially with Batoto closed. Just wanted to drop by and say hi.

    1. Oh my gosh! You’re alive!!!
      I hope you’re doing well. I ain’t really part of the manga scene anymore, either, just doing a few hentai here and there.
      And yes, it’s a shame with Batoto 🙁

      1. I’ve gotten into the Chinese web novel and speedrunning scenes for the last few years, more known by the name Azoolag now lol. Idk if you use Discord, but if you do or ever happen to, make a channel lemme know.

      2. Traitor!
        Why would you go for chinese, when japanese is so much more superior!?
        And I’m afraid I still only laze around on IRC.

      3. Well, I can’t say you’re wrong, haha. China’s pay-by-word system makes a lot of authors write low quality filler content. Mainly the fascinates me more, I’ve thought about writing my own story, there’s no guarantee that’ll happen though.

      1. Please delay. You deserve to enjoy life.( not being sarcastic) Also the longer it takes makes that update all the more juicier.

      2. I appreciate how your avatar scares the hell out of me 🙂

      3. this emotional blackmail … hahaha …

        If we make duration maybe we will have the output of 2 chapter at the same time …

        in any case good job from you, to the pleasure of reading you again.

  21. Oh Almighty Bob I beseech thee to provide Prozess the will and time to translate another chapter.


  22. This manga ebook periodical makes me wish there were a “TIME TRAVEL CHEAT SHEET” booklet wikipedia machine for easy reference for travelers to another worlds. Ok I love you bye bye.

  23. Proz is awesome. He is god. He is the alimighty translator. Please let him beseech his benevolent will upon us with a new chapter. AMEN?

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