It’s still February!
But yes, I know, late chapter is late.

I do have my reasons, though. Not like anyone gives a fuck about them, but I really do.

Well, allow me to elaborate.
Remember how I said I would work on Love Shenanigans first? Yeah, so much for that, as you can see. I forgot how annoying it actually is to translate with a book in hand, so I ragequit a few times in the first two weeks of February. By the time I decided to work on Risou instead to get a chapter done in time, I got sick. Orz. A week in bed without no progress at all.
The community-loving guy I am *cough*, I sacrificed all my free time for you in the following week to somehow get Risou done in time. Work, Eat, Translate, Sleep. Rinse and repeat for a whole week.
To be honest, I’m tired now… Might just be the aftereffect of my sickness, though.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? I don’t know.
More importantly, I promise you a chapter next month (because it’s a goddamn short chapter, but pssh), but I will take a bit more time for myself (read as: for games) in the coming month.
As it seems, Love Shenanigans will make really slow progress, and I mean slooooooooooow. But hey, I like it, so I will be sure to pump out 1-2 more chapters. No idea when, though.

Lastly, the title of this chapter is so misleading.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    So in the end it’s “Love Shenanigans”… So much for my suggestions. :*(

  2. It’s nice that you’re still doing this after so many years. Thanks for the chapter!

  3. How about getting flu shots? If you don’t have a private insurance, demand 4-shot injection from your doctor. You may be forced to pay 23€ more but 3-shot injection protects worse than the new 4-shot whose 4th shot is especially effective aggainst the new flu tribe. Stay well and thanks for your work. 🙂

    P.S. I like this math captcha, it’s way better than the retarded google pictures which fail all the time.

  4. Crazy how the timing works out on these releases. Just yesterday I was thinking I’d really like to read more Risou, and bam here it is. Thanks as always Prozess!

  5. Thanks once again for your dedication!
    Be sure to take your time to fully recover, as the after-effects of being sick can linger a while after. I’m certain that mostly all of us would rather you be healthy than forcing yourself to exhaustion to meet your decided deadline.
    Enjoy your gaming spree!

  6. Thank you for this chapter, I will read it right now.

    I hope tomorrow to have another …: p

  7. Thanks for the Chapter! 😀
    Also Captain Cris is quite the spunky kid. I hate spunky.
    I’m making the call. Cris will either be a future arrogant punk who never learns or he will be a future ‘friend’ or ally once he gets that stick out of his butt.

    1. He needs to learn that Royalty does not really need strength of arm. That is what the army is for. Putting that aside the Queen could probably hand Captain Cris his head if they fought and the Prince Consort could challenge him to a duel of honor then appoint General Puyol as his champion for the fight. The General would jump at it as it would increase his honor and influence to be in such a trusted position and he is well known to be ambitous.

      The Navarre Kingdom might even have just recieved a message with the properly flowery wording that boiled down to:

      “Your delegates decided to personally insult the Royalty of our country and have been dealt with. We are open to futher discourse of the matter at a later time if it is so desired.”

      1. I have the distinct feeling General Martin is going to rip Cris a new one when they retire to their rooms.

    2. Speaking of him, isn’t the custom is for the guest to bring a female companion? Seeing that the general brought him instead, could it be that General Martin is a man with special interest? If that is true, there’s also the possiblity that he doesn’t come to congratulate the couple but to see what the b*tch who stole General Puyol looks like.

      1. I pretty positive that you are drawing a least likely conclusion on that department. The General and aide are military from another country acting as representatives instead of nobles. It is irrelevent that both Generals have a respect/grudge relationship. Most military personnel, with the exception of the guy getting married himself, would not usually have their spouses with them.( The U.S. military is one of the dew exceptions due to base wives or husbands and even then thats not for the majority.) My guess is that the General is either not married or is married but his wife is back home away from where he is.
        But what do I know. I don’t know this world. Maybe the author will make the General’s country a land of young lads who like sweets who like their daddies. Or maybe it will be a land where all the women are man eaters and having children is dangerous and its safer to be gay. You decide Ryuutobi!

      2. It was stated explicitly that they attend the wedding without a female partner, because their travel over the mountains was too hard for a woman.

      3. Thanks for the clarification PROzess.( not being sarcastic this time.)
        You know how some fans(Ryuutobi in this case) are like. They like to pair up people in their heads all the time and like to make theories about who’s with who unless it states otherwise by the story.

        Anyways thanks for you hard work again. Hope you’re feeling better now too. 😀

    3. i think he is just speeking like a prince in his age would speak after all. But real question is which on of the two is higher in ranking the prince or Zenjiro as prince consort.

  8. Thanks for your work, human scum. You shall be rewarded when the robotic singularity comes with a merciful death, I am sure.

    (thx though!)

  9. Thanks for the new chapter. Always nice to read and the chapter was of a respectable length.

    I’m hoping to see an aside in the next chapter where the General has a chat with Captain Cris about his behavior. With a less lenient individual his speech and attitude could have led to a military solution. It is never a good idea to belittle the second most influential person of a country, especially if they could be most infuential if they wanted to.

  10. That was full of intrigue. I wonder if Freya was be jaded to that level of politics or if she is being more alert to learn and observe.

    Thank you for the chapter.

  11. Thank you so much for the chapter I hope you get better and good luck in the games

  12. Lady Lucinda is very competent! She might be too good for Puyol! XD I must’ve misread her original introduction because I thought she was supposed to be the single-minded solider type instead.

    Thanks for translating! I love reading this novel!

    1. Just for your knowledge Lady Lucinda was initialy developed to be Zenjiro concubine a not Puyol wife. This is one of the many changes in the light novel which resultet out of frayers introduction.

  13. prozesss-sama has delivered. Quickly someone get a chicken and offer it to him!

  14. Thanks for the chapter!

    The fact that you’re pumping out these chapters for us for free is already great enough. Understanding ones would just wait without pestering you. Thanks again and get well soon!

  15. Thanks for the chapter.

    Don’t worry about your “slow” release speed.

    Given the length of some of these chapters, your average is probably still higher than many other translations that release weekly.

    1. Considering a Chapter a Month and most volumes have 6 chapters so we are getting two volumes a year. Since most authors release 2-3 we are actually getting roughly the same amount of delivery from Prozess as a professional author.

      So quit your belly aching.

    2. i think the spead is perfect for the autors spead of publishing one book a year. in less than 3 years we are up to date.
      And for all peaple that can’t wait just learn japanes or chines(the chines translator is extrem fast and up to date)

  16. Missed opportunity to develop Freya even further. She should have played a bit more into that conversation with the Navvare representives. Like even a small smirk (?), when Cris called Zenjiro weak, would have meant the world.

    Looking forward to whenever the next chapter comes! Cant get enough of that arc! Thanks!

  17. Its not related to LN but at least related to Risou , apparently risou’s manga got licensed by seven seas

  18. Hey ROzess,

    Not related to the novel but I noticed that when I tried to access ” http://unlimitednovelfailures.mangamatters.com/risou-no-himo-seikatsu/risou-no-himo-seikatsu-volume-07 ” on my Opera browser I get notified that your site is unsafe and might contain malware or malicious code. Then I tried opening it with Chrome and was redirected to spam sites.

    It seems to me that ” http://unlimitednovelfailures.mangamatters.com/risou-no-himo-seikatsu
    and all subsequent subfolders are affected.

    Hope you are able to resolve the issue.

  19. Website has been infected by a trojin. Someone needs to take care of it.

  20. I’ve had reports from my malware program for about 2 days now and i checked very frequently so it is safe to assume this issue is recent. Hopefully Prozess notices soon… Thanks for the chapters by the way

  21. Hi Prozess,

    Not sure where else to put this, but I’d recommend you update the certs on your site. Chrome for some reason is freaking out and saying it’s unsecure and I had to manually go forward with Chrome warning me about doing so.

    1. It’s going to be like this for a while until dns records update; there was malware on the site so I trashed it and reinstalled from scratch; trying to improve some of the security aspects while I’m at it. It should be okay in 24 hours or so.

      I’m hosting the site btw, in case you’re wondering why I’m answering and not prozess lol

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