It’s still February!
But yes, I know, late chapter is late.

I do have my reasons, though. Not like anyone gives a fuck about them, but I really do.

Well, allow me to elaborate.
Remember how I said I would work on Love Shenanigans first? Yeah, so much for that, as you can see. I forgot how annoying it actually is to translate with a book in hand, so I ragequit a few times in the first two weeks of February. By the time I decided to work on Risou instead to get a chapter done in time, I got sick. Orz. A week in bed without no progress at all.
The community-loving guy I am *cough*, I sacrificed all my free time for you in the following week to somehow get Risou done in time. Work, Eat, Translate, Sleep. Rinse and repeat for a whole week.
To be honest, I’m tired now… Might just be the aftereffect of my sickness, though.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? I don’t know.
More importantly, I promise you a chapter next month (because it’s a goddamn short chapter, but pssh), but I will take a bit more time for myself (read as: for games) in the coming month.
As it seems, Love Shenanigans will make really slow progress, and I mean slooooooooooow. But hey, I like it, so I will be sure to pump out 1-2 more chapters. No idea when, though.

Lastly, the title of this chapter is so misleading.