What an exciting start in the week!
You finally want to release a chapter, but people tell you that your site has been hacked (again). orz
Hopefully everything is safe again now. More security updates coming.
Thanks to everyone for bringing the issue to my attention!
If you should still see some alerts, it’s supposed to be something with not yet updated DNS records and hopefully be gone by tomorrow (?).

Because we rolled back to a backup, some stuff might be mixed up. Please do tell, if you spot anything amiss.

Otherwise I forgot everything I might have wanted to say in this post. Oh well.


21 thoughts on “27/03/2018

  1. thx as always (sad that it’s 1 book a year though 😛 (does fit in reconsidering an authors release period usually is 1 book a year but still…))

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    The intermissions are moving the plot further forward than the main chapters.

  3. Thanks 4 the translation!

    Of course we now know who does the plotting in that household. And now that woman is going to be married to an ambitious general. And when she stated that her loyalty would have to shift to her husband upon marriage…

    1. You mean the sister? Although she is pretty intelligent I dont think it was yet hinted that she has some scheme in mind. Interesting idea though.

      1. Her loyalty goes to Guillen’s house now, so she’s going to push the general’s little sister more than her own half-sister I think

  4. I absolutely love this LN. Those political subdramas may not be the creme der la creme but sure as hell intriguing. And Prince Fransceso is such a nice addition to the mix. A force to be reckoned with and easily one of the most interesting cast members in a pool of people so different from him. Love what the author created here.

  5. Great work as always, both you and the author. Looking foward to see how Prince Franscesco develops as a character in the future. Wil he always be the goofy guy, or will he show a new side of him unforeseen?

  6. This author is always so good with their political intrigue and developments. What the heck is this crazy prince going to do, and what role will this daughter of Marquis Guzzle play.

    Thanks for the translation ?

  7. Thank you for translating this.

    I’ts always a pleasant surprise to come to this page and see an update ready. A little treat at the end of a the day sort off.

    I’ll be waiting pantiently for the next one.


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