I am gonna spare you of the details of my sorry real life. Just know that a wonderful thing called vacation made this release possible.

On other news: Anyone playing The Forest? I’m looking for someone to play with (for a few hours) to get the multiplayer achievements.
I can compensate you for your efforts with a Steam Key for God Eater 2, so if you want the key to help me, find me on IRC.

On more other news: My collection finally has some (official) porn in it: Cover and NSFW \o/


32 thoughts on “23/05/2018

  1. Sorry cant help with your game problem. I am waitin for a console release and my pc is potato so cant run the game

  2. Thanks for the chapter…this is still an amazing story and translation work. Sorry about not being able to help out with your game achievement…my laptop will literally crash if I load steam on it!!!

  3. The Forest has multiplayer now!?

    That’s news to me. Glad to see you back and mentally restored (hopefully?)

  4. Oh, looks like a spin-off of the “girls showing you their underwear while looking at you like they’re seeing a piece of trash” series… This issue seems a little raunchier.

    Thanks for the new chapter, as always.

  5. Thank you for the chapter!
    Sorry I don’t play this game, hope someone else can help you.

  6. Seems like the Marquis Guzzle assumes Nilda is a noble, which should make it all but official, no? Thus, the narration hinting at her not being one and possibly causing a bigger mess was a little surprising. I wonder which one it will be? I’m also inclined to think that Freya won’t be willing to “admit she was in the wrong”. I wouldn’t blame her either…

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    1. The problem is that Nilda isn’t officially registered as a noble. It was mentioned in this very chapter that it does not matter if someone meets the requirements to be a noble. If they are not officially registered as one, then they aren’t recognized as one.

  7. Always glad to see a translation from you thanks for your hard work man! GL out there in the RL and I think its great for you to take a month off like last month…. this is just a hobby for you I assume and the rest of us only benefit from it so take all the breaks you want! Take care of yourself and see you for the, hopefully, next translation and thanks again for doing this for the fans it is definitely one of the more enjoyable stories I read and I look forward to reading more in the future!

  8. Vaya vaya, la que se va a armar aquí…
    Gracias, se te extrañó el mes pasado

    1. 嫌な顔されながら子づくりさせてもらいたい
      Iya na Kao sarenagara kodukuri sasetemoraitai
      I want them to look at me with a disgusted look while we make babies.

  9. if you still havent found anyone and are will to put up with someone who hasnt played since 2 years ago, i’d love to help

    1. If you tell me your steam acc, I can add ya.
      And all you have to do is die ten times, so I can revive you for the achievement^^

  10. Thanks for the chapter.

    A thought occurred to me. The recognisation of Naldi seems to be recent, the question becomes “how recent”. A matter like this would not be a matter for using flying dragons to deliver the documents for, as such a runner carrying offical documents stating that Naldi is the daughter of Marquis Guzzle, seems like something that would be put in an official document that was then delivered to the capital. The Marquis and all the members of his family have been acting such that they assume that it was generally known that Naldi was the second daughter of Marquis Guzzle, no ploy or trick involved.

    The most likely explaination is that something happened to the paperwork, either in the capital or before it was delivered to the capital. Up until recently the road from the March to the capital was not as safe as had been assumed. It is very possible that the meat-eating dragons happened to the document carrier and the documents to have Naldi recognized as a noble never arrived at the capital. With all the events since, the Marquis never bothered to get confirmation that Naldi had been acknowledged as a nobel.

  11. Wait, Nilda is 15?! Doesn’t really look like it, I have a bad feeling this might go a certain way… (rooting for you, #teamIdiotMaidTrio). Here’s hoping Freya can sort things out, although I doubt she’ll say she was wrong (nor should she, she’s right AND she’s royalty after all so either way placating Navarre Kingdom (or well, a single knight from there) shouldn’t necessarily be the top priority.

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