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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    That’s one very violent way to die, even in the battlefield.

  2. I’d still send a private message to ‘my trusty husband’ in her place. Making him work in the dark is needless.

    1. I do not think so. All message could be read by people that should not read them. In worst case nilda becomes a slave of a other country. All that contact would be suspicious and could be investigated from other countries. Best way is no contact.

      1. There’s no need to ‘send’ message if you can ‘leap’ a maid under the pretense of ‘to help Ines’ with message like ‘do your best’ and not a single person beside Zenjiro and Ines will ever understand what is it about 🙂

      2. your idee would work but the next problem would be that a maid from outsid woul indikate that nildas and the other maids work is insuficiend and the gazzel family is desplessur the royal family.

  3. This has to be the shortest chapter/intermission the author has penned. Doesn’t seem to bode well for the poor Prince Consort

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    I think that Freya will play along with Zenjirou in saving the gauche Guzzle, then ask Nilda to be her personal maid as a reward.

    1. Did Zenjiro not promis to show her the palast (and make her a maid afterwards as relative of the headmaid)?

  5. Thanks for the release.

    By the way, if possible can someone tell me the name of the girl from Vol 9 and Vol 10 cover of the LN. Also has she debuted yet?

  6. this is probably my last read of this novel 🙁 ı never did thank you for your work ı am sorry ! ı wish you a happy summer

  7. Seems like a good place to stop reading this as it’s just getting worse and worse. It’s also hard to remember what’s going on, the gaps are so long. Maybe I’ll come back and check it out once it’s done in a few decades.

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