Woah, hold your horses!
This is not a release, duh.

I just wanted to brag share my passion for LN with all of you, so here’s my recent “Isekai” haul.


As you can see, I’m a bit on an Isekai roll. I was quite pleased with the J-novel version of New Life+, so I bought the whole series once I found out that there’s still so much to read!

The slime one had a cute manga, so I might as well try out the novel.

Well, I do not need to point out why I bought a slave, right?

I actually have not heard or read anything about Lvl 2 kara or Isekai de slow life (so unknown it does not even have an entry on MU), but trying does not hurt.

Last but not least, I simply forgot to order Toshiue demo Kanojo in my last batch. No Entry in MU either. Well in short, its about a Highschool guy dating an older girl, who likes to crossdress as a Highschool girl.

Until then~

16 thoughts on “06/06/2018

    1. Dat chaos.
      You could at least put in a bit more effort to set them up all straight 🙂

  1. Apparently New Life+ is getting embroiled in controversy. The Seiyuu for its anime adaptation resigned.

    1. The anime confirmed got cancelled. In addition, the LN stopped and I heard they will taking down the WN too.
      This is just sad.

      1. Heard it pissed off the Chinese. Haven’t gotten far into the story, so I don’t know what made the Chinese angry.
        Considering how old the MC was before reincarnating, he might have been involved in the occupation of China. The Chinese are pretty sensitive to what they perceived as slight against them. They are the ones that banned CnC Generals Zero Hour because their dam got blown up in it.

  2. Unfortunate to hear that about Nidome no Jinsei. It is an interesting story. The character was supposed to have been in combat back during WW2 and on though, dont remember if it mentioned where he was serving. I kind of like his no nonsense attitude and often straightforward method of dealing with problems, without being an ass or petty.

    I’m a bit curious how much the LN of Slave Harem changed from the WN version. Just in the few chapters of the manga that have been done there were several noticable changes. The WN is complete up to current though, if you didn’t know.

    1. No wonder I didn’t recognize New Life+. Another series were they changed the name to something completely different.

      From “Second Life is in another world” to “[New Life+] Young Again in Another World”. Only a few of the words even match.

      I thought New Life+ was a completely different series as there are a couple that have titles close to that in Japanese.

  3. Danke für die Übersetzungen und eine schicke Kollektion 😀 (Ich sollte auch japanisch lernen, dann muss man nicht auf Übersetzungen warten >_>)

    Wirst du die Sponger LN noch weiter übersetzen? Auf Amazon ist für 2019 eine Veröffentlichung auf Englisch angekündigt. Damit wäre die ja lizensiert oder?

    der ausversehene Geek

    1. Das ist nur der Manga von SevenSeas. Die LN wurde bisher nicht lizensiert.

      1. Ah gut zu Wissen, Danke! (Direkt mal Vorbestellung stornieren…)
        Schönen Freitag noch 😉

  4. I don’t like it 🙂
    Too much empty space everywhere! Too much scrolling! :/

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