So, yeah, people with evil intents might not call the previous chapter a proper chapter, so I was in a bit of a bind.
Give no fucks like always?
Or actually give you a proper chapter?

Weak as I am, I decided to go with the second choice. But that in turn, put me into another bind.

What chapter do I give you?
Love Shenanigans?

Normally, it would be an easy choice: Love Shenanigans, cuz we already had a Risou one.
But then again, the next Risou chapter was a good 10 pages shorter than Love Shenanigans.
So weak as I am, I decided to go with the shorter chapter.
But you know what? That put me into yet another bind!
After all, I need a chapter for next month.
But the next Risou chapter is 60 pages long, so knowing me, I will definitely not finish it in time (espcially with the world cup going on).
So why not keep the short Risou chapter for next month and release Love Shenanigans now?
Brilliant idea, if it were not for the fact that the Risou chap is done while the Love Shenanigans is not.

Anyway, before this gets any more confusing:

1) Another Risou chapter this month! Yay!
2) No Risou chapter next month! Nay!
3) Love Shenanigans chapter next month! …Yay?

Tl;dr: I guess see you in two month?


18 thoughts on “19/06/2018

  1. If you have a longer chapter that will require an extra month to translate that’s quite reasonable to expect no chapter next month (thanks for the heads up!) I think most of us are normally a patient bunch… *glares at the impatient*

  2. Thanks once again! Take however long you feel you need to do what you want, since you’re the one in control : )

  3. Gracias por el capítulo!!!
    Te extrañaré el próximo mes, era mi cumpleaño 🙁
    Nos leemos por agosto!
    Disfruta el mundial!

  4. Thank you! I prefer Risou but Shenanigans does have me a little curious so both are appreciated!

  5. Thanks 4 the translation!

    Do it at your own pace! Most of us are patient. Not as vocal as the impatient ones sadly.

  6. Thank you so much for updating Risou! Finally got caught back up, and very happy to see that you are still translation it. Go at your own pace and don’t mind the complainers. The rest of us will just be happy when an update comes, whenever that might be 🙂

  7. I am honestly impressed and grateful for your work, specially with risou no himo seikatsu, it’s a lot more interesting and better written story than I expected it to do.

    Your translations are also of exeptionally good quality, I truly can’t wish for more.

    Thank you, truly =)

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