As you may know, the new volume of Risou (11) came out last week.
And since it’s not effective to ship one book, I bought some other stuff as well.
Having said this, I was only really looking forward to Isekai de Slow Life 2 besides Risou.


I randomly added this for the brown on the cover, but turns out: It’s porn \o/


And now for the all important Risou:

Some Spoilers

As for a release this month… Phew, what can I say. It’s friggin’ hot here. But I do have only half of the chapter left like I was planning. So expect a release only in the latter half of the month, if at all. In any case, I shall be making a post.

Until then~

9 thoughts on “01/08/2018

  1. The blonde girl with green cloth is a character we already meet or it a one that we (as volume 7 reader) have not meet ?
    if we meet her who she is ?

      1. It not realy that i have not paid atention it just i am bad to remember face and look of people so i just can’t asociate anybody with this girl.

        i guess it maybe princess Bona but she look more childlike that i imagine her.
        So can you anser me and not insult me.
        Some people are juste bad to remember face

      2. You will meet her next volume. (any other info would be too much spoilers)

  2. thank you for your translation work I came across risou for boredom and I liked the story thanks for making it
    note: you think to translate the one that you chose by chance =) birds chance brings us surprises

    thanks, again

  3. Since I only read the english version of this series( aka from you until an offical release comes out) I’m interested in who the black haired woman is and what her role is.( I know you know but don’t spoil me please :D.) Also glad to see Princess Freya again.

  4. Good, cause as much as I love this story, I feel like the political movements and actions at this point are so mild that it makes me want wish it was more fast paced.

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