We interrupt our regular program for some breaking news: Yours Truly has lost it.

Kinda NSFW

To my excuse: I wanted to buy the two series with the previous bath already, but one volume each was unable to be shipped overseas back then, so I put it off. Strangely enough, they were ready to order overseas again a day later, so here we are.
And yes, it’s porn. Tehe~

Until later~

19 thoughts on “08/08/2018

  1. Put aside that I own… roughly my weight in unread books, many (almost all) of them Light Novels, I just get this antsy feeling when there’s a book that I don’t have from a series on my shelves.

    1. The 2 Volume one is: Shinsei Maou no Megami Kari aka The Reborn Demon Lord hunts the Goddesses.
      The 4 Volume one is: Yamizokusei no Mahoutsukai daga, nazeka Yuusha ni natteshimatta aka. I’m a dark element magician, but for some reason they made me a Hero.

  2. Very well. Your American fan/ maybe internet friend? will stop you.
    …Hey stop buying porn.
    There. Your welcome.

    1. It’s not like I want to buy porn. The good covers just always end up being porn.

      1. I guess I understand. Like, let’s say my favorite novel series, which im still waiting for the first English volume to come out, Mushoku Tensei, comes out and the front cover has the MC’s girl striped down bare naked. I would be hesitate of where the hell I would put it since I don’t want to explain to my friends about that.

    1. I got a wife and a daughter on the way home, but turns out, they are dragons.

      1. Great, now we just need someone to TL LN 🙂 (Looks at PROzess…)

      2. Oh, nevermind, looks like someone already TLed 14 chapters 🙂

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