Oh man, I’m buying so much books, here are some pic— Wait, this is a release post. Sorry, force of habit.

So yeah, it’s finally time for a release again! It’s only been one month, but it feels so much longer. Probably cuz I made a bunch of pointless bragging post in-between. Oh well.
Anyway, this chapter is really looooong, so you are rewarded for your patience!
Technically speaking, I could have gotten the chapter ready on last wednesday already, but two pages before finishing it, a new game I was waiting for was released, so I had to binge play it until today. The name’s graveyard keeper. I can definitely recommend it. Actually, screw this release post, I’m going back to the game! Bye.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.none of the best chapters so far with unexpected maneuvers and a slight twist at the end.

  2. Considering that I have to pass by the release of 10 new volumes worth of LNs due to lack of funds since you began your collectionbragging, I will admit that I am beside myself in envy right now.

  3. Wew, that escalated quickly..
    Thanks for the translations.. It was worth the wait!

  4. Am I the only one that gets Phoenix Wright vibes from the picture this chapter?
    Enjoy your games and books. Since you are helping us on that score, you deserve it.

    1. Objection!!
      Actually, there was a little bit of police drama in there with Zenjirou shining a bright light right in the obviously-guilty perp’s face!! XD
      And Knight Captain Chris got a painful life lesson thanks to Puyol! He barely escaped that “Student Exchange”.
      Many thanks Prozess for this awesome chapter!

  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Puyol is way to ambitious for his own good or the people around him.
    Even his in-laws would be wary with him with this.

  6. Good news everyone! Next 3 chapters together is about same size as current one, let’s pray it get TL’ed/released faster than just single chapter per month 😀

    1. If you hadn’t said anything, I might have considered it. But now? Nope.

      1. Well damn, now we gotta sacrifice a goat in Prozess-sama’s name….I’ll go get my axe.

      2. @Baranok: Rather than a sacrifice, i would say a bribe of “NSFW” type of stuff would be a better offering for ‘PROzess’.

  7. Thanks Prozess. I really don’t know if it means anything to you, but thank you nonetheless.

  8. Thank you for the chapter! i really really love it <3
    i read it all on the bus road back to my city, i did not feel the passing of time xD
    and have fun with your game! Im currently playing gravity rush and im loving it
    And like we say in my country "Gracias totales" 🙂

  9. Thanks a lot for the translation. But little remark in this “putting the car before the horse” change car to wagon.

  10. Wait, what was the implication of what qualities Zenjirou must lack to find Aura attractive? Go figure that I got the insults that were explained (before explanation), but missed the one that wasn’t…

    1. Both Aura and Freya are courageous and good fighters. The rest should be easy to figure out.

      1. Ohhh, it’s a specific insult directed at him, in the same vein as the previous bit. I parsed it as the rather vague “Being attracted to people who have qualities you lack mean you’re missing a certain specific quality.” That is to say, the attribute of “liking somebody who contrasts with you” is indicative of a certain character flaw.

        Not the direct insult of, for example, “You like tall people because because you’re short.”

  11. JESUS


    That chapter was good. Bunch of people sitting in a dim dark room talking makes an awfully great scene. Ill have to say again, you cannot under any circumstances adapt this into a visual medium without losing some of the tension. This was a fantastic read. Thanks for translating us this goodie

  12. Thank you so much for translating. I love this LN so much! Without you I’d probably never be able to read this <3

  13. Translations are very much appreciated. I’m enjoying them quite a bit.
    By the way, who is the character in the illustration on this page? Dare I hope that it’s another concubine?

  14. Political etiquette is so ridiculous, sometimes. I’m impressed that the author is able to come up with such intracacies.

    Cristiano got incredibly lucky. Good thing less ambitious heads were around, though if you know how to properly channel someone like Puyol he can be a great asset at times.

    Thanks for the chapter ?

  15. I was scared shitless as well. Glad the site is back. I really can’t thank you enough for translating Risou. It’s really worth waiting for.

  16. Just started and caught up on the series this week. Thanks for all the hard work.

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