I hate this time of the year.
It’s almost time to start thinking about what to release for Christmas…
Every year, I complain about it, but I just can’t do without a Christmas release…
Same goes for my birthday release a month prior. Sigh…


34 thoughts on “17/09/2018

      1. It is not!
        On the other hand, the fact that Freya talks about it with a smile on her face, makes my blood run cold

  1. So, the puddle of water that knight Cris stepped on was head maid Ines’ doing. And by the timing of it she’s is also a very perceptive and capable person if she like Puyol and Skathi saw what knight Cris was doing for a split second and threw that water under his feet on purpose.

    1. Oh man, I’m so glad you pointed that out! I was so engrossed in reading I didn’t connect the dots and realize she had made the puddle and was still wondering what was up with that.

  2. Just be glad your birthday isn’t closer to Christmas. The benefits do not outweigh the disadvantages. Trust me.

    1. Read the chapter now. Yep, we all knew Ines was a ninja of some kind. Now she can instantly ‘spill some water’ in a room of heroic-level soldiers instantly without anyone noticing. Yeesh Aura, where do you FIND these people?

  3. Looks like Ines is the MVP… Either she predicted where the pool of water needed to be ahead of time, or she reacted quickly enough to spill water in a matter of seconds…
    (I guess if space-time magic also has future-divination spells, she could be a royal-descended magic-user in disguise, though that seems a bit contrived.)

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    Now I wonder how a match between Freya and Aura would end, given that Zenjirou failed in what Freya is planning to do…

    1. Considering that Freya *is* depicted on vol.11 cover – she will get what she wants 🙂

  5. I want to say that Freya is the most cute thing in this world
    And then she talks about violating the MC ! x)

  6. Thank you so much for the update! No joke, seeing this updated is probably the best thing that has happened for me this month XD

  7. Thanks for the chapter.

    If Freya launches an H attack on Zenjirou, then I guess that Skaldi takes on Natalio. What about Ines?

  8. Gracias por el capítulo!!!
    Jajajajaja esa princesa Freya es una loquilla xD

  9. Have a surprise christmas present of no release! :D…..hey, put down those clubs! I was joking! :O

  10. Thanks again for your work~ Truly appreciated.

    I really have gotten quite charmed w/ Freya.

  11. Hey, you know anything and everything will be appreciated. *peeks at the hentai on your bookshelves*

  12. Fantastic chapter! Loved how it showed the results from all sides. I read this release the moment you post it everytime. Thank you so much for continuing this great read!

  13. @TD
    Ines is the one holding Zenj down in this whole ordeal. For the future of Carpa Kingdom!

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