21 thoughts on “07/11/2018

  1. Thanks! Love your work ? Keep it up my friend and keep showing us the books you buy. I find them very interesting!

  2. That maid was bugging me. I remembered her being mentioned, but couldn’t remember anything about her. Turns out that’s because there was basically nothing else mentioned about her before. Much gratitude.

  3. What website/broker do you use to ship/order the porn that your getting. I’m struggling to find something reliable for buying doujins

      1. Thank you, takes a bit of effort to translate but definitely worth it for the price.

  4. The shipping was only like 8 dollars. Everywhere is super expensive. And it’s was only like 500円 per book

  5. Thanks for still being around! Was just checking through all the fan translated novels on my reading list and this was the only one still active. I appreciate your dedication. <3

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