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Yeah, sorry, you are seeing right: No Vol 8 yet.

The thing is, I took a well-earned (pft, yeah) break over november and before I noticed it, christmas was only 5 days away.
So the wondeful solution to this totally(!) unexpected happening: A frigging short special chapter published at the end of the 4th manga volume! God bless Watanabe!

Technically speaking, this chapter has no accurate placing in the novel timeline, but judging by the content, I’m just going to put it at the end of vol 4.

Well then, see you next year and a happy christmas~!

14 thoughts on “24/12/2018

  1. Many thanks for the translation, as usual. I am somewhat surprised to hear that there is a manga though.
    Your hard work and dedication give us this wonderful novel, on top of the preceding Tsukitsuki. I can’t say how much enjoyment you have given me. You have my upmost appreciation!

  2. While short it was quite enjoyable.
    Thanks a lot for the translation and merry christmas.

  3. By the way, are you sure its safe to post the Manga Volume extra chapter here, considering that the Manga for this series got recently licensed by “Seven Seas Entertainment” and the English name for the series is “The Ideal Sponger Life” (because of this license, from what i hear, the group that was translating the Manga had dropped the series).

    1. I doubt the official release of the manga volume will contain this chapter, cuz contract bullshit, but hey, if they want me to remove it, I’m happy to comply any time.

  4. thanks for this chapter, even if it is not from the novel itself
    I think that chronologically you should put it at the end of Volume 3

  5. Capcha timer expired by the time I wrote down my previous comment.

  6. Looks like there’s a lot of small contradictions to main story… or maybe price Francesco doesn’t know about Bona’s mission…?

    Any way… thanks for your hard work and happy xmas and new year 🙂

    1. I doubt the King and the Crown Prince would be fool enough to mention the real target mission of theirs relating to sending Bona to someone like Francesco.

      1. Possible spoiler.

        He knows about wanting them wanting Zenjirou’s heir with Bona, he has written letter with magical fire partchment, that there is no and won’t be progress in their relationship, because Bona and Zen don’t harbor that kind of feelings.

      2. @Wiser: Yeah i know that, but in the story Francesco wasn’t informed about the plan that the King and Crown Prince had, rather he guessed it himself that they wanted something like that to happen (remember, while Francesco seems like an idiot, he is actually quite perceptive).

  7. As always, thank you so much for translating. Have a great christmas and new year.

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