Happy New Year!
Let us have another wonderful year of slow releases!

Speaking of, this chapter could have been released a week earlier, if the mailman had not brought this:

Nothing else to report, so see you next month.


16 thoughts on “16/01/2019

  1. Who’s your mailman? Maybe we can treat him to a little “holiday” to stop him bothering you.

  2. Can I get the name of he LNs? (the ones that aren’t The New Gate, slave harem and I shaved)

    1. From the top:
      Dare ga tame ni Kemono ha ikitai to itta.
      Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo.
      Hige wo soru. Soshite Joushikousei wo hirou.
      Kuro no SHoukanshi.
      Slime toshite 300nen, shiranai uchi ni lvl max ni natteshimatta.
      Sekkaku cheat wo moratte Isekai ni teni shitandakara, sukinayouni ikitemitai.
      Isekai de Slow Life wo.
      The New Gate.

      1. Good to see this back in production, my friend.

        However, I somehow feel that this sentence in your translation was just a little bit incomplete…

        Princess Freya heaved a sigh as if to say “This is going to be a stiff piece of work”.

        Perhaps it should have been: Princess Freya glanced at Zenjirou’s crotch and heaved a sigh as if to say “This is going to be a STIFF piece of work”.

        ~Ol’ Pervy ducks to avoid the heavy rock that Prozess has just thrown at him.~

      2. Rock? More like nuclear missles 😮
        And didnt know u read this oO Isnt it a bit too tame for your tastes?

  3. Sankquuu!

    Was waiting for this one for ages!

    Im so regretful I cannot read japanese, these LNs look so freaking tasty.

  4. Thanks for your effort every time. I really like this novel and wait for the next chapter in eager.

    Just as a side note, I know that there is no such sound at Japanese, but it should be “Potosi”, and not “Potoshi”.

    Just saying, its up to you how to use it.

    Thanks again.

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