Phew, delivery almost did not make it this month.

Most awaited from them is the second volume of the fantastic fantasy yuri novel (the big one in the top right). I friggin’ adored the first volume, even if it was 80% gore, murder and violoation. Dat Ending, though. I hope the 2nd one will not disappoint, either.

Next in line is probably Strongest Rearguard 4. Can’t really put my finger on it, but I really like it so far. Maybe its the game mechanics?

Then I absolutely had to buy Kage no Jitsuryokusha after reading the first few manga chapters. I hope the novel does not disappoint my expectations. Although I’m already a bit let down, seeing as there currently only is one volume of the novel (the second one being released next week [new batch order, orz]).

Youjo Senki 11, Lvl2 kara Cheat 7 and Yami Zokusei no Mahoutsukai 5 are just for collection for now. Same for 5cm and Suizou Tabeitai. It’s nice to support the authors.
Tanja a cutie, though.

And last but not least!
Uchi Musume is finally over. Man, what a wonderful series. I haven’t read the last volume yet, since I’m going to wait for JNC’s version, but heck, I loved it.
Here a little spoiler for the ending:


Until then~

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