16 thoughts on “30/05/2019

  1. Hum i hope you enjoye your buy…
    But i hope you will translated a least 1 chapter of risou because i want to know what hapen .

  2. Holy oh lordy. They have 1st Nier. That is hilarious and awesome at the same time.

  3. Your collection is growing steadily. I must say that the figurine looks pretty badass.

  4. Cool haul my dude. Very appreciative of the translations that you do so thanks first and foremost. Enjoy your beginning of summertime and new reading material and see ya next time you post!

  5. si me disfruta de tus compra no tengo queja de eso se ven bien,pero para cuando cuando el capitilo 1 de le 8 risou no himo seikatsu,de nuevo muchas gracias por tradicir

  6. Wow! The whole Monster no Goshujin-sama LN collection (up to date). I once tried to follow the WN, but the chapters are quite long and the wording is not exactly easy…

  7. I see, you had finally join the cult of Yoko Taro. As a fellow cultist I welcome you.

  8. most of these LN and their stories are just average and mediocre though. only few worth reading.

  9. I mostly check these posts like a kid at Christmas, all the pretty pictures are like wrapping paper, since I can’t read any of the titles. Just a lot of “Oh that looks nice, wonder what it could be?!” The only unfortunate part, is that I seem to be looking at these presents through someone’s window….

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