Now that I’m finally making a new release post, I just noticed that the newest version of wordpress is utterly disgusting. The block format is absolutely annoying and even if you switch to code format, some stuff still is messed up. Fuck.

Oh well, hardly anyone will read it on this page anyway.

I’m not going to make any prognoses for the next chapter, as I still have 3 volumes of Monster no Goshujinsama left and even after that, some new stuff for other novels will be released, so I will be extremely busy reading next month. You can expect to be informed about it in detail!


32 thoughts on “12/06/2019

  1. Thank you sir! I have been looking forward for this! Also enjoyed seeing your new additions to your collections!

  2. “Now that I’m finally making a new release post”

    Nice try kiddo, but I don’t believe you! 😛

  3. Danke das es weitergeht und viel Spaß bei den Büchern die du noch vor dir hast zum lesen. :3

  4. I feel like I get a Christmas present every time you release a chapter ^-^ Thank you for your hard work and have fun reading.

  5. By the Emperor’s left saggy non existent eyeball, I was under the impression you gave up without saying so. Nice for you to stay in the game. Still waiting for the LN English offical version to come out. We do have the official EN of the manga though. 😀

  6. 5 Months! 5 f@%&ing months! I gave up hope a month ago and now you pull this sh!t!!! Damn it! This bad for my heart! Don’t do that!

  7. @PROzess: If possible, can you post small summaries for LN v09-v12 on “AnimeSuki” forums.

  8. Thanks for the chapter.

    I’d ask a couple of things about Monster no goshujin-sama, but it goes against my no spoilers policy.

  9. Thank you so much for the chapter, I always look forward to your releases. They are expertly translated

  10. I grovel before the greatness that is the Prozess and thank you for not driving me to find that bridge you suggest. As for wordpress don’t know as i don’t use it but I’ve seen a few other random comments indicating a lack of enthusiasm for some of its recent changes. Anyway thanks for the chapter and MnG is a good read too.

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