I wish I could have finished the next chapter before this batch came in, but God had different plans with me, oh well.

Unfornunately for you, there’s even more great volumes being released starting next week throughout the month. waku waku~

Shimamura finally got a new volume suddenly after the anime announcement. Coincidence?
Slow Life 4 and Monster 14 will be my first reads :3 Can’t wait~

Kuro no Maou (bottom right) seems to be a dark, edgy isekai. Let’s see how it works out.
World of Leadale (bottom left) is practically New Gate, but with a female MC instead. It’s pretty comfy so far.

And obligatory porn purchases:

Until then~

8 thoughts on “26/06/2019

  1. What’s the names of the two series under your “obligatory porn” purchases? Thanks!

    1. Iya na kao sarenagara opantsu misetemoraitai
      Isekai demo dogeza de (kotsukuri made) tanondemita

      1. Wait, that title, that artwork, is that the same author as the ambga shorts about the MC doing dogeza asking girls to show their panties and boobs?

  2. I am more or less ok with it i star to translate the chaper in my natif language for read it ans it take so long that i would abandoned it if i just could wit for 1 week for a english translation. But is still you for have a ok tranlation for compared.

    1. I maybe writing too quickly some letter and even word is missing.
      I hope you will still understand.
      Sadly i can not edit it .

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