I think I did mention before that July’s gonna be an awesome month.
I’m making three orders this month, over 30 books.
First batch is already in~

Technically, v2 of this belongs to the batch as well, but for some reason, it was shipped seperately at a later date. It’s gonna arrive later this week, but not going to make an extra post about it.

Main reason for this batch is this little gem:

Also, this gets an honourable mention:

But if that wasn’t enough already, I also saw the lineup for August… My poor wallet… And Omae gotoki 3 with Drama CD in September… Sigh, when will I actually find time to translate?

Until then~

8 thoughts on “03/07/2019

    1. Hero has no Class 1-4
      There’s no secret organisation fighting the hidden evil, so I created one 1
      Humanity is done for, but you still get hungry? 1-2
      Legend 6
      The hated Demon Lord fell in love with a broke noble woman. got a problem? 3
      My Girlfriend Teacher 4

  1. Dude where the fuck is all that money coming from?!
    You’ve been drowning in self satisfactionary bulk purchases for MONTHS and you keep going.
    Money aside how can you even READ all of that before your appearently inevitable next purchase?

    …getting that 1 chapter done seems even more of a mircle considering all this

    1. This isn’t a translation site silly, it’s a site to show off light novel purchases. (^_^) b

    2. Necessarily, I cannot read them all at once, but I gotta buy a certain number of books for each order. Otherwise the shipping cost will be ridiculous per book. Moreover, some books I simply buy for collection and to support the industry.
      I usually make catch-up weekends or holidays. 1 book a day isn’t really any problem, if I do nothing but reading (and work) that day.
      And I still do want to translate. I’m just not allocating 20h a week to it anymore, like before.

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