All hope is not lost yet!
I actually managed to finish the chapter before the next batch order comes in (it’s going to arrive in just a few hours, though)!

Well, dunno what else to say. I can’t promise any estimate on the next chapter. The batch order at the end of the month gonna be huge 😮
I do have a vacation in September, so it’s probably not gonna take 6 month again. Probably… Hopefully…


Edit: Since they just came in, might as well share:

20 thoughts on “18/07/2019

  1. Well, I hope you also can get some rest. Thanks for the hard work translating, it does bring happiness to the readers.

  2. Thank your for your hard work.
    your translation is worth the wait. better take vacation than get burnout and stop the translation altogether.

  3. Thanks for the chp and dude that is quite a long silent
    and also what novel is the third row?

  4. Thanks for the chapter. On an unrelated note, has there been any news of Tsuki? I heard the ones publishing it dropped it due to the author trying to get rid of the harem and keep him to one person which caused a backlash.

  5. Thanks for the chapter 🙂. You know what would make it even better? Stating the titles of the good stuff you ordered.🤣

    1. I haven’t even gotten serious yet 1
      Strongest Rearguard 5
      Porn 5
      Broke Mercenary 6
      Legend 7-10
      Marry Me 10-11

  6. Thanks for the translation and the titles for the pictures.

    Nilda’s dad seems so dumb, yet he is pulling some big brain game here with Amanda… fun. 🙂

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