Maybe you were already losing hope?

Too bad, you actually do get a chapter this month.
There was a little delay in my latest order from Japan (damn customs), so I postponed this post a bit, so I could write it up as one. Yes, I’m getting that lazy.

For some unknown reasons, the release of New Gate 15 somehow slipped my mind. I’m pretty sure I checked for it once every week, but when ordering the stuff above last week, I was surprised to see that vol 15 was already released at the beginning of the month-.-

Well, it’s coming in later this week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On other grim news, the next Risou chapter has 50 pages, so IF there is going to be another release this year, it is only going to happen on Christmas, if at all. Please be prepared.

I am well aware how slow I have become, but that’s life. Or more precisely: WoW Classic Servers are back! Sorry!!

I’ll keep you updated (even if you don’t want it) at the end of each months with my pointless purchases, so feel free to drop by. If not, hopefully see you on christmas!

P.S.: This just came in, so might as well add:


19 thoughts on “30/09/2019

  1. Thanks for the chap, see you on Christmas. It’s far too early but enjoy your holidays.

  2. Thank you for the chapter, was looking forward to it. Have fun with Classic and have a merry christmas! ;-D

  3. One correction in the released chapter:
    “the firewood more expansive than” -> {the firewood more expensive than}

    I hope it helps, and thanks for the translation!

    1. Check the FAQ
      Q: I saw some misspelling in your translation, should I mail them to you?
      A: No. I don’t care.

  4. Someday, you’re gonna have so many novels, you won’t be able to move in your home anymore :p

  5. Not completely sure, but is the one with three volumes in the next-to-last row the sister series of Grimgar?

    1. Yes, it is. Read it quite some time ago, but it was about time to collect it.

  6. Thanks for the chapter and update. Fingers crossed for Christmas release then.

  7. If WoW Classic servers get DDoSed, you know the reason 🙂

    Now seriously, thanks for the chapter and have fun with WoW.
    I wish I still liked any MMO.

  8. >too bad you get a chapter
    Ah dang it!

    But dude. No wonder. Wow classic. May the lord have mery on your soul.

  9. I quit WoW classic. I don’t aupport communist company. I actually feel so good, quitting the game. So relax.

  10. Can’t seem to comment on the more recent post, but I just want to say thanks for all the work you’ve done on Risou.
    Shame that you decided to drop it, but as you said interests change, so don’t feel bad about it buddy.
    I hope you have fun with whatever you decide to do from here on. Hopefully it all goes well.
    Best wishes and cheers.

  11. PROzess,
    What will happen to this site now as you have stopped translating?

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