Anyone remember this date?

Right, the loneliest day of the year if you got no friends.

Hence you gotta give yourself a present by yourself.

And since I was bedridden for a while last month and couldn’t post the haul from back then, here’s that too.

There’s three masterpieces in this picture. Try guessing them.

So Shuumatsu is finally over, but it seems the sidestory with Lilia with get another volume.

And lastly, some stuff to fight off the loneliness at night:

Until then~

19 thoughts on “07/11/2019

  1. Hmm as a passionate for mature sensei, I’m interested in that “Tonari ni sumu oshiego bla bla” 😀 . Thanks for sharing!

  2. Manga made me interested in that novel about the mom adventurer raising her two daughters…..how is the novel?

    1. More detailed? If you liked the manga, you would like the novel too

  3. So, they sold the 8th volume of UchiMusume as if it was the last one, but now there’s a 9th?

    1. Story-wise 8 was the end. 9 is merely a collection of short stories from before or after the main story, somewhat due to the anime airing at that time.

  4. How’s Koku Senki?
    Googled around since I saw tan, and saw that its new, but I didn’t see any English reviews.

    1. Haven’t started on it yet. Bought it because the illustrations looked more mature compared to your common LNs.

  5. Do you have a list of the goods you’ve bought/read (not just in this post)? Ya know, for research ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Great you came back, it would be good if you please return the translation of the light novel by Risou no Himo Seikatsu

  7. @Junior
    This is a post from July, and he has already talked about Himo progress in an older post.

    “On other grim news, the next Risou chapter has 50 pages, so IF there is going to be another release this year, //it is only going to happen on Christmas, if at all.// Please be prepared.”

    1. eh? the date format here seems to be dd/mm/yy, this post was in November…

      but yes it was previously explained to expect a chapter prob after December.

  8. Well, merry Christmas anyways, hope you enjoy yourself. See ya next year.

  9. 7/11/2019 ! Yes it was a lonely day ! And my birthday too lol !
    I really should have treated myself something – like that A-mazing Zero Two dakimakura !!

  10. I expect the chapter next chapter to come out this january, this hasn’t been confirmed though. Uploads have slown down a lot so we might end up waiting for quite a bit longer than that. The good news is that it’ll be a long chapter, which is very nice.

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