Day 20 in Quarantine: I haven’t seen any other people for 6 months. I’m starting to wish think I’m the only one left on this planet.

On other news, I resupplied my emergency provisions:

I’m trying to cut back on getting new series, but that’s more difficult than it sounds… I get the feeling it’s getting a bit out of hand…

Oh, right. The most important part: SPOILERS!!

Yep, Zenjirou and Freya are officially married now!!
Well, he had to prove he is worthy of her in the traditional way of the Upssala Kingdom first, though: Hunting an animal by himself.

And since I can’t meet up with my non-existent girlfriend right now:

Until then~

13 thoughts on “06/04/2020

  1. Dang I wish I had a dakimakura too but every pillow other than the one I lay on always ends up under my neck for some reason and its killing me

  2. AAAAAAaaaaaaa why I wasn’t born in Japan…….learning kanji is really hard…..Also who is the girl in the cover? long-haired version of Freya? She is really beautiful.

  3. Ooooh, nice.

    Also just noticed looking at the rest volumes of Risou…she sure has taken over most of the covers hasn’t she?

  4. So Zenjirou and Freya actually get married? That’s honestly super disappointing. I was really hoping that he’d find a way to get out of it somehow. 🙁

  5. With this lockdown in place it is a perfect time to continue with Risou
    Hint Hint 🙂
    Anyway thank you very much for translating what you have 🙂

  6. I actually was worried that Zen x Freya will never happen. Finally it did, noice. Well obviously Aura is still no.1. the way they have dragged this whole thing is quite nice, it shows a sincerity of MC and author to not make a crazy harem like most LNs. A slow paced, laid back story. I would love to see what sort of relationship Freya and Aura will have, will they be antagonistic, indifferent, cooperative, cordial or maybe something else.

    Tbh I was very sad when you decided to drop the translation, well but I understand wanting to read all those works out there. Lack of time and motivation is natural after all, but thank you very much till now.

  7. What about Zen & Skathi?
    Freya did say before (during her meeting with Aura), that she would bring in Skathi as a concubine of Zen as well, and i seem to remember there being some focus artwork on Skathi in the previous volume.

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