So I’ve patiently been reading the english translation from JNC so far, but each volume is just getting better and better and I cannot sit around anymore, knowing there’s one more volume available in Japan. Hence:

By some sort of miracle, I managed to refrain myself from buying new series and just purchased sequels.

Until then~

4 thoughts on “27/06/2020

  1. You got hooked, too.One of the things that struck me was that the the bandits and Dragon were some of the better fleshed out opponents than many action LN.

    Reading this post made up my mind on which premium books to get.

    1. Ah, Welcome to Japan Ms Elf ! . That one caught me by surprise, it’s an excellent novel ( least by my meager standards).

      Oh and as I am lazy bastard who hardly bothers to post a thing might as well thank the site owner for their translations at same time : Thanks !

    1. Understandable. None of them really get attention for the english speaking community. One might recognize the SukaSuka Spinoff Vol 2 on the left to Maou Gakuen, though.

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