In the end, the only “reliable” retailer is Amazon…
There’s still these weird unshippable volumes from time to time, but oh well. Last Batch order before Christmas.

‘Cuz I was trying different sites, I lost track of what I ordered and kinda missed ordering SukaMoka 9 when it came out -.-‘

And because Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf Vol 6 was/is digital only for some reason, I made a bookwalker acc back in July for it. I was really reluctant to use a digital library for a long time, simply because I like the feel of paperback better and displaying stuff on the shelf makes it more worthwhile too. But with that unshippable mess and no really reliable alternative, I was like “screw it” and my digital library kinda escalated from november on. Now I own 75 digital volumes, 3 on preorder.

Corti is simply for collection cuz it was on sale and Corti is waifu :3
Advantage of being a working adult: You have plenty of money to spend on your hobby.
Disadvantage of being a working adult: You no longer have enough time to spend on your hobby.

Have some nice holidays!
Until then~

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