~Merry Christmas~

This chapter couldn’t be any more out of season, but the next chapter of Vol 10 wouldn’t have made it in time for christmas, so I decided to work on this one instead. Still a nice chapter anyway.

This chapter was included in the Illustration book, which takes places after Vol 9, so I’m ordering it in-between of Vol 9 and 10.


21 thoughts on “24/12/2013

  1. MehRab says:

    hmm, licking, sucking luna’s boobs! Is’nt that a bit x rated? But whatever, enjoyed the chapt very much. Merry christmas.

  2. Loco15 says:

    Thanks for the Special chapter and Merry Christmas PROzess-sama !
    This was my best (and sadly only T_T) present for chirstmas.
    This was a great chapter, very funny, and luna…i wish so much that i could be shinobu. Sorry bad english

    Where does shinobu get all that God-like willpower? one of the mysteries of the universe.

  3. Ryan Ashlight says:

    Splendid work as always, PROzess-sama! Best wishes on this Christmas Day and a Happy New Year to you. You certainly deserve it.

    That aside, a tip of my hat to Shinobu for enduring this long, indeed, even if it is but putting off the inevitable. XD

  4. Naotaka Kohinata says:

    It may be late but I hope you had merry xmas. Hehe :) Also thank you for translating this novel. I wish you the best this holiday season and the upcoming year. XD

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