Life is going more and more down the drain while I drown my sorrows in translation.
Today I present you two chapters at once, due to my real life circumstances.
I had started to work on Shinanai, but then had to leave my desktop pc. On my laptop I started the translation of the next TsukiTsuki chapter and ended up finishing it by the time I got back to my desktop pc. I quickly finished up Shininai as I didn’t want to break my word again^^
So consider yourselves lucky now.
I named the Shinanai chapter as ch07 as it would confuse too many of you guys when I actually translated it as “last chapter” as the raws have it. It’s only the last chapter of the volume.

Like always, I wanted to say more, but when it comes down to write the post, I forgot what-.-
Well, express your thanks in the comments and I will keep the translation spree up.
I kindda would like to catch up with the manga releases of TsukiTsuki 😛


13 thoughts on “27/07/2013

  1. Incredible! “Thank you” seems insufficient for the treat of two whole chapters at the same time but in the lack of better words I will leave it like that.

  2. Thanks for the translations, I am really enjoying Tsuki Tsuki.
    (I hope your personal life gets better soon.)

  3. Hey hey hey!! I just found a theme song of Tsuki Tsuki men!! But the main problem is no lyrics men!! Therefore….. Anyone mind helping me posting the kanji and English lyrics ? Thanks a lot if you do. And here is the link to the song : [url]http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qNEg_fi4ZRM[/url]

      1. Sorry… Because I was using an iPad at that time. Maybe this will be easier: Go to YouTube and type “my wish! yumiko” On the search tab. Then roll the search result page a bit and you will find a video having our beauty Luna on the background.

      1. Sorry I mean the Romaji and English lyrics . I can’t extract the Kanji in the video and translated it at all so I am looking for someone who could do me this favor. Please help………

  4. Here it is! Thanks for the translation!
    I’m really waiting for this.. Really Thanks again!
    Please do your best next time also. ^^

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