Happy New Year!

I am still not over my hangover from yesterday, so I will make it short.
New Year, New Resolutions, but I am afraid my releasing habits will not change this year, either. Sorry.
Please be patient with me for another year and do not forget to comment sometimes. I get lonely easily 🙂
Anyway, I DO can promise you another chapter this month.
Truth be told, I wanted to have Volume 05 finished by the end of the year, because I am going to be starting working tomorrow, but you know, plans and real-life do not match.
So I thought about finishing the volume in January, since a kind soul offered to scan the next raws for me, but when I look at the remaining 130 pages, I do not think it will work within January, either. Please understand.
You will get another chapter in the latter half of January, depending on my workload, and then I will really try my best to finish it in February. But as always, I will not try to force my hobby.
Thank you for your patience with me and lets have another great year together.

Btw, the volume ALWAYS ends with a special chapter about the maids, so stop asking me how many chapters are left. What is even the good of knowing that?


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  1. Hey, just commenting to say, I love this novel series and appreciate your translations! Thanks and happy new year!

  2. Thanks for the chapter! So, those intermission chapters finally have an affect on the story! I wonder if Puyol will end up punished due to this problem.

  3. Thank’s for the translations. Just do it as always and don’t force yourself. I can wait. It’s worth waiting for story as good as this one. Not to mention the translation is also good. 🙂

  4. “… so stop asking me how many chapters are left. What is even the good of knowing that?
    That’s exactly, totally agree.
    Огромное спасибо за ваши труды!

  5. Thanks a lot !
    I never commented before but i want to at least show you my appreciation (new year resolution).
    Yours translations are always top quality and whatever you said i know you are a kind and amazing person.

    Bonne année et bon baisé de Belgique 😉

  6. Hey, best wishes for the year to you PROzess.
    And thanks as always.

  7. Don’t worry take your time every chapter you complete is a blessing. Quality work as always happy new year, man.

  8. Happy New Year!! and thanks for the first present of the year 😀

    Good luck in your job!

  9. Happy New Year!

    Once again, thank you for your time spent translating this novel for us all to enjoy.

  10. I will never reject more translation, but hope you will care for yourself too and not burn yourself out. Happy new year and thanks for all your work.

  11. Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! Thank you for the chapter.

    I hope that Zenjirou manages to bust out some modern strategy to Aura like using pheromones to draw the dragons to a kill zone, but he’s trying to keep from making waves.

  12. Happy new year!

    I actually don’t mind your pace that much, especially since the story itself is rather “relaxed”. So I would have actaually dropped this story long ago if it were like for example “Tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchuu” which gets a translated chapter about every 2-3 days. But maybe I am the weird one?

    Anyway’s thanks for the chapter, and your hard work.

  13. Many thanks for the chapter and Happy New Year! Hope you didn’t throw up like I did haha.

    Good luck with your work.

  14. Thank you and happy new year!

    Im starting to hate pack dragons. Those stupid things are stalling the plot. I hope Zenjirou summons a bazooka and blows up the dragons in one sentence XD, Not so much to say about this chapter, i just hope that they exterminate those vermin forever.

  15. Thanks for the translation Prozess! So, is that princess Freya in the Volume 6 cover above? Most interesting. If she’s an LN-only character, I wonder how they handled these incidents in the WN?

    And this chapter is most revealing! (pun not intended) So the ship is Freya’s wife, and sometimes they get um, hot and heavy(?) when they’re … alone? It’s a very weird custom. In any case, I think it shines a different perspective on our previous impression on the princess? (Like this comment: http://unlimitednovelfailures.mangamatters.com/2016/11/29/believeit/#comment-6804 ) I’ll have to re-read the relevant part of that chapter again…

  16. Happy new year Prozess. Thanks for the chapter. I’m the person who offered to scan vols 6-8. Truth be told I kinda got lazy once the holidays rolled around. Im 2/3rds done with volume 6 but I’ll hurry up and get it done soon. I know you don’t actually need it right now I’d like to be good on my offer.

    1. Much appreciated 🙂
      It gives me the neccessary motivation to finish Vol 5 soon^^
      Tbh, I already did peek at a bit at the following volumes and I can’t wait to see Aura back in action 🙂

  17. thanks for the chapter and continuing this hobby. i usually don’t comment but here’s a comment as requested. i can wait patiently, i normally just have this site open in a tab somewhere and check it once in a while.

  18. Happy New Year \o/
    Sorry for being late. Please understand.
    Ever since I started using a RSS reader, I noticed it helps to see these kind of posts quite a bit. Before I just had a bookmark linking to the translation being checked manually way to often. Maybe it’s was also the new layout; (probably not). Happened around the same time. Anyway.
    Nice to hear from you in 2017 even with (or actually _especially_ with) a toxified mind.

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