The first release of the magical end-of-year trio and by far the most pointless.
Yes, it’s been 9 years of slave labour fun scanlating!
Well, and because it’s the most meaningless anniversary ever, it gets the shortest chapter ever. Hah!
See ya on my birthday (yet another pointless day in the year)!


17 thoughts on “01/10/2018

  1. Guess we’ll get the maid antics as a reverse birthday present from you. Works for me.

    Did Zenjirou really mentally call Aura his waifu?

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Got me curious on when it’s considered safe for a pregnant woman to do it according to modern knowledge. Time to ask Google Sensei.

  3. Personaly i think the autor know that sex with pregant girl is not Dangerous.
    I think he want us it for go to a way in plot two choice it can be use as tentation for make zenjirou monogame a even greater achivement or make easyer for zenjirou to acept a second sex parter (the 3th will be easyer i read somewhere that acept a second wife is harder that accept a 3th) we will seen soon i think but sohow i think it will not be the Princess Freya since it will be too easy to accept ad too hard to refuse so if the autor want to make it a hard time for zenjirou because with freya he just need to accept to have 2 wife but for anoter girl he have to accept to have a anoter wife and to acepte the new girl but we will seen soon (i hope)

  4. Prozess senpai, please enjoy your translation hobby and especially your own birthday more ?

    …Well, bottoms up for another decade of fun!

  5. I did not proceed to read the chapter yet but I’m already super excited.
    I guess I actually want to convey in this comment the happy times I had reading risou the last chapters. Sorry for not posting a deserved: sankyu!
    It helps going through the months a lot. :comfy:

    Hope you will get some comfy days in before turning a year older o/

  6. Thanks for the chapter. Really need some entertainment after nightmare weekend

  7. Thanks for the chapter; I’m looking forward to the maid chapter. 🙂

  8. Thanks again Prozess for all the effort you put into bringing us this wonderful story. I am certainly excited to see how things unfold once Zenjirou reaches the capital. Cheers

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