Woah, hold your horses. It aint a release yet.

Today I have something “better” for you *wink*

Yep, a new batch order.
Technically, I only needed the 2nd volume from Toshiue Kanojo (which came out 4 days ago), but you know, shipping costs, yare, yare. And once you start adding stuff to the cart, you can’t stop *shrug*
Cute OL with a JK cosplay habit:

I guess, I dun need to explain this one. Came out at the beginning of the month. Pics of the illustration are already floating around the internet.

Found this one on a rec thread on /u/. Can’t have enough yuri on the shelf anyway.
It’s pretty big oO

Well, then there are some sequel novels of series I already own, nothing out of the ordinary.
The latter half of the order, though, is porn like usual 😮

Just had to buy them, when I saw who the artist is *wakuwaku*

You can never go wrong with a cute elf waifu~

And some Shota x Maid for good measure~

The Sekkaku Cheat novels are phat, though. Prolly need a new shelf soon.

Until then~

14 thoughts on “15/10/2018

  1. Can’t read Japanese, so I can’t read the titles, but from the cover pics, one if them is “The Strongest Rearguard” I think. What are the others?

  2. Hey Prozess. Lazy here. First off thanks for doing Risou. I really like the story so when the English version starts printing, I’ll make sure to buy it. Secondly, Listen I think you need a new hobby. All this porn and yuri is taking over your life. What would The finally here season 3 To Aru Index anime think of you? I know of a mobile game thats free that has good gameplay AND actually has a good story. It’s called Girls Frontline. It’s a dial down from those books that you got there with bare mountains. Trust me.

    1. You think I have time for games, when all these goodies are waiting on my shelf? 🙂

  3. *Looks at Prozess’/Hakurei’s bookshelves*
    *Looks behind to his own bookshelves full with books without a single fraking illustration*
    *Takes out flamethrower and starts burnination while yelling “what have i done with my life*

    Totally worth it.

    PS. This captcha timeout when im writing on phone is killing me 🙂

  4. Moving away from the softcore porn for a second, how did you like the newest volume of RIsou?( Also I still highly recomend you play GFL)

  5. Could you please name a few of the novels i cant read the name of?
    I can see there is Sekkaku Cheat vol 1-3, Shield Hero vol 7 and The Strongest Rearguard vol 1. What are the others in the first picture if you don’t mind me asking!

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