So, yeah, I read Vol 01 of Nephy-chan from JNC and loved it, so, yeah, well… You know me.

And just in case, so you will not have clicked this in vain, here is a steam key for Layers of Fear:


Until then~

5 thoughts on “29/10/2018

  1. yup slave elf is pretty good and i see isekai meikyuu de harem o, well after sometime the WN gets monotonous and boring and if LN is the same well ..

    1. JNC is currently the only publisher worth putting your money in.
      I only read one Volume from SolPress, but they seem fine enough, too.
      YenPress sucks so bad I would rather burn my money.

  2. is it time yet? or are you doing that double release thing you mentioned some time ago?

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