Since I already said that the next chapter would be coming next month, when I have my vacation, I bring you some rather boring news today.

Before people get too annoyed about my spam posting, I decided to make a compiled post at the end of the month for muh purchases. Beware, it’s going to be looooong.

I started the month off with some wholesome yuri:

Then I got a couple of books that were bundled together with a figure I bought:

Shortly after, my new shelf arrived, so I re-arranged my Nier Collection and seperated my manga volumes from the novels.

Nier/Manga Shelf above, LN Shelf below.

And now, I’m going to end the month with yet again some wholesome yuri (top right):

Well then, see you in around 2 weeks with an actual release.

Until then~

17 thoughts on “31/08/2019

    1. Which?
      The first one is: Omae gotoki ga Maou ni kateru to omau na bla bla Vol 3
      The other one is: Sexiled vol 2

  1. I admit I do enjoy these posts but I’m starting to get nostalgic for release posts those were a blast. Also, as wholesome as Yuri is, you don’t want to overdose and get diabetes.

  2. I have no problem with these posts, just a shame i can’t read them for myself…

    You should tell us your thoughts after you read them, maybe throw out a rating or something. Could be fun.

  3. On the second row of the top picture, the middle and right ones….what are those?

  4. Holy Shit that collection is large. Combining my western novel and japanese collection would only equal a 1/3rd of that.

  5. Can you in future include novels and mangas titles to description of pics?

  6. Sorry to bother you, but what actually happened to the author of tsuki tsuki?

  7. Is the Slime killing for 300 years that interesting? I only got to volume 2 and the stupid trial made me lose patience with it. Should i give it another go?

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