Since I already said that the next chapter would be coming next month, when I have my vacation, I bring you some rather boring news today.

Before people get too annoyed about my spam posting, I decided to make a compiled post at the end of the month for muh purchases. Beware, it’s going to be looooong.

I started the month off with some wholesome yuri:

Then I got a couple of books that were bundled together with a figure I bought:

Shortly after, my new shelf arrived, so I re-arranged my Nier Collection and seperated my manga volumes from the novels.

Nier/Manga Shelf above, LN Shelf below.

And now, I’m going to end the month with yet again some wholesome yuri (top right):

Well then, see you in around 2 weeks with an actual release.

Until then~

17 thoughts on “31/08/2019

    1. Which?
      The first one is: Omae gotoki ga Maou ni kateru to omau na bla bla Vol 3
      The other one is: Sexiled vol 2

  1. I admit I do enjoy these posts but I’m starting to get nostalgic for release posts those were a blast. Also, as wholesome as Yuri is, you don’t want to overdose and get diabetes.

  2. I have no problem with these posts, just a shame i can’t read them for myself…

    You should tell us your thoughts after you read them, maybe throw out a rating or something. Could be fun.

  3. Holy Shit that collection is large. Combining my western novel and japanese collection would only equal a 1/3rd of that.

  4. Is the Slime killing for 300 years that interesting? I only got to volume 2 and the stupid trial made me lose patience with it. Should i give it another go?

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