No idea how much longer the daily pace will continue.
I just got raws for the new 14sai chapter, my birthday’s on the weekend *hint hint* and I’m going to see a soccer game on Sunday.

Anyway, Horrible Names: The chapter 2.

Seriously, this is just too much…
Fyi, Yamato Nadeshiko refers to an ideal Japanese woman.
Use your friend google if you want to know more.


19 thoughts on “05/11/2014

    1. I hope cause Taishi title piss me off and he claims he did not create a harem where surounded by there girls that motherfucker.

  1. Harem Creator?

    Somebody please tell that he will get NTRed soon!!!
    That Chika girl is… is… !!!

  2. I’m with most of these people, except on the NTR front. I don’t think those people actually know what that means, otherwise they would not be bandying it about. But yeah, it’s obvious Taishi (can be read as “General” if I recall, a self important name if ever I’ve heard one) is interested in Chika, and the other two are hangers on. Shuri and Shinobu would be good targets for being pulled away from the Hero party, and over to the Hiiro party.

    After all, they’re the ones that are smart enough to realize they were being lied to, and they’re wasted on Taishi. (Not MC dedication, mind you. I wouldn’t read this series if Taishi was the main character.)

  3. I’m in pain, so I really appreciate the laughs. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  4. honestly, the hero party doesn’t really seem that bad. they’re more likable than other transported-from-another-world heroes who makes fun of the protagonist and all (except for that one girl but she’s a tsundere complaining how little interaction she had with the protagonist so that doesnt count).

  5. Well I don’t see a new chapter must have started your B-day early 🙂

    Happy Birthday and enjoy the weekend.

  6. Thanks for the chapter!
    Yeah the Hero’s party is not that bad or even annoying, even Hiiro himself hold nonhate whatsoever to them right? A refreshing change from the despicable three idiot hero from another LN, hope it stay that way

  7. So couldn’t Hiiro do things like writing “dead” or whatever on a boss monster to instant kill it or writing “golden” on rocks to get rich? You’d think changing some rocks to gold would be simple enough to not die from rebound or whatever

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