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  1. ok his magic really is OP. with his power i dont thing even the demon king can beat him. he canjust write death on the demon king to kill him.

    1. Assuming he can touch the demon king, and then uses his magic, and then activate it.

  2. I wonder if his skilll leveled up. He used to be 1 word. Now it is “good luck” which is 2 word. Or is it just in kanji good luck is 1 word?

  3. The original author may be a Toriko fan? That’s the one about the guy that hunts super exotic foods and eats them, right?

    And yes, Kanji has a “character” that means Good Luck. So instead of waying his maic uses “words” you can say it uses “characters,” but that may be a concept beyond those who are not familiar with the concept behind Japan’s Kanji.

    1. Feels more like I`m reading Shokugeki no Soma again.But I guess you could say the author read/watched Toriko,since they are pretty similiar.

  4. Thanks PROzess!!!

    I hope you could drop us a some Risou… If not, its fine.
    Your speed is cool man.

    Thanks a lot again!!!

  5. Thanks for the translation
    I’m too lazy to comment the previous part
    The food part feels like toriko and the demon king part feels like maoyuu
    I wonder if the continuation will be Hiiro finding tasty food while working for the world peace…

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