At first, I wanted to make a super big epic release in celebration of my birthday, but then I remembered that I’m doing all the work by myself. Why should I waste my precious (well, not really precious, I actually hate it) birthday by working on chapters for ungrateful leecher?
So, yeah, no Risou. Too bad.

On another note, I made a mistake during a translation in an earlier chapter of Konjiki. Sorry, I wrote that Muir is 20 years old, but she’s actually 12. That’s kinda bullshit, as imo that still counts as “little girl”, making all her complaints meaningless. But oh well, she’s 12. Thanks for pointing it out in the comments.

I get the feeling I wanted to talk about something else too, but like always, I forgot what it was…. sigh, I’m getting old.

Well, happy birthday me~

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  1. Is she really 12? Can the beast girls really have children at such a young age? I’m pretty sure the chef guy said Muir could have children already.

    1. Um… realistically speaking females can give birth even as early as 10 depending on their menstrual cycle as well as whether or not ovulation occurs in those early years. I believe there are cases where it has happened much earlier, but not every person is the same and the pregnancy could have possibly been attributed to some form of abnormality with the chemicals in their body which somehow accelerated the process.

      tl;dr children at 12 is nothing new.

      Happy BDay tho PROzess =D Thanks always for the translations~

  2. Could be two things:
    – could be beastmen’s youth period is shorter for some reason (ie: shorter lifespawn or higher battle readyness) and as such 12 IS physically adult for them
    – could just be the usual brat saying “i’m not a child!” or such

  3. Happy birthday mate 🙂 another year wiser, thanks for the release! And im also looking forward to any and all future risou chapters. Have a great day!

  4. Happy birthday, PROzess!

    It’s usual in fiction that, since most animals become fertile at early ages, for beastmen and werebeast to have an early sexual maturity (even in cases when they live longer). It’s also to note that 12 years old is not that unusual an age for human girls to menstruate, since sexual development depends, taking out the exposing to certain substances (only applicable to modernized environments), on genetics and diet (well-fed girls mature earlier than poorly-fed girls, for example); currently, it’s not unusual for girls to have their menarche at 8 or 10 years old.

  5. Happy birthday from a leecher, seriously thanks for translating it and hopefully your interest in the project won’t dwindle, but at the same time it’s your free time that’s been used up and as you say I am one of the ungrateful leechers 🙂 So do what you want and more importantly have a good day!

  6. well what can I say…instead of us giving you a birthday present you are giving one to us so umm..kinda sorry……

    happy bithday

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA . well since we are just losing days anyway so i dont celebrate it but still thanks for the chapter and i hope you enjoy this day

  8. Happy Birthday!
    I wish you endless energy and will to chase after your dreams.

    ps. Thank you for another chapter.

  9. I’m sorry that you got 1 year older again and thanks for the release. I, too, dislike my birthday happening every year again so I can understand your pain, I think.

  10. Happy birthday dude.

    PS. I also hate my birthday

  11. Happy birthday and thanks dude.
    really love this novel(word master) =D
    do you have IRC chat? i’d like to know.

  12. Yeah! A new chapter, Tank you very much.
    It is nice of you to even release this chapter on your birthday. Thanks again and what ever it is worth to you:

    Happy birthday, good luck and have a nice time! 😀

  13. HAPPY FRIKKIN’ BIRTHDAY! Here’s looking forward to another year of letting strangers over the internet leech off your time, effort, and happiness!

  14. so muir was 12 years old huh? i know its rude to ask for one’s age, but how old are you?

  15. Happy Birthday PROzess!!!
    Please accept those heartfelt wishes along with my utmost gratitude for all the wonderful translations you provide us with ^^.
    Yours sincerly,
    Random Leecher <3

  16. Happy Birthday!

    Just ignore the ungrateful ones. There is no end to them in this world, and doubly so on the Internet.

  17. Thanks for the chapter.
    I hope you enjoy your birthday (or at least what’s left of it) and that the coming year is even better than the last.

  18. Thanks for the translations.
    Keep up the good work.
    Do whatever you want.
    And Don’t give a fuck about what anyone says.

    Happy Birthday!

  19. Thanks for the translations !! I just came to this blog by chance but I’m familiar with your name w.r.t manga. Thank you for all your work and I hope you continue for a long time. Apparently, it is/was your birthday, so A Very Happy Birthday from an anon-fan. Cheers !

  20. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear PROzess, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu. AnD MaNy MoReEeEeE. XD

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