Yeah, I know, you’re waiting for Risou, but the translation on that is going slowly as the technical stuff for all his preparations is just too boring.

Meanwhile, I looked around Syosetsu for another title to tease, but there are like 9 million titles that have the same setting like anything that is translated already. In other words, tate yuusha – Mushoku Tensei and etc lookalikes. Word Master was a bit different with the original word magic, but all these other titles just don’t sound appealing.
I was about to give up for a new title, but then I stumbled upon this in the Animesuki forum.
Dunno why, but I kinda liked the description, so here’s the teaser!
Like before, I don’t know how much I will translate. Depends on my mood. If anyone gets interested in picking this up, please contact me, so that I won’t waste my time double translating a chapter.


24 thoughts on “18/11/2014

    1. Good question. WN version, but it already looks pretty detailed unlike other WNs I have read, so I guess the LN isn’t all that different.

    2. Okay, checked the LN raws.
      The first chapter of the WN is word for word the prologue in the first volume.
      The only change in the LN is that the “academy” is called “guild”.

    1. Oops just saw your post there, I didn’t actually know the english translation of the rmoaji title so, my bad.

  1. Hmmm…. let me know if you ever find a novel syotetsu with a merchant mc in action adventure setting.

    or something else that’s interesting. -Masa

  2. Wow, just read that thread a while back and thought “sounds interesting” and then PROzess-sama comes and translates it to kill time as if it was the most normal thing in the world.Well what can I say? you never fail to surprise me.

    Btw I read all of your posts in the konjiki thread and I want you to know that I am really grateful for your efforts and you are the translator that I respect the most on the internet.

    PD: Tsuki Tsuki! was the first or second light novel that I read when I was just getting into LN’s, the other one is DxD but I can’t remember the order…

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the teaser. And also, if you do decide to translate it, would it be from the Light Novel or the Web Novel?

  4. In the sinopsis of the light novel says that only two youths are summoned, a boy and a girl, being the boy who refuses and the girl agrees to be the hero right?

    1. from the synopsis i thought so too. but from reading the chapter i think 3 people were summoned. A hero and two backups. The girl decided to do her job and accompany the hero while our MC refused.

  5. so 1 hero, 2 backups, 1 beaten up strongest mage?
    sounds interesting!!

    thank you prozess!!

  6. wow when is read the first chap i can see the potensial of this series.
    this is more interesting then konjiki no word master.

    1. “this is more interesting then konjiki no word master.”
      How can u say that after only reading the prologue of the LN?
      Aren’t u overthinking there? We only read 2 sentences of the MC…
      We don’t know where the story will lead, so don’t try to compare it to a great LN who have 18 more chapters than this one.
      Konjiki no word master is still in its earlier stages too, so don’t judge.

    2. Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! = 49 chapters
      konjiki no word master = 256 chapters

      now, tell me who got the most “potensial “

  7. If you don’t want to translate something, I would be really happy if you just released a brief summary, because endless exposition is kind of boring to read too. Thanks for all the translations so far!

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