Just noticed that I dated the last post already for today, since I posted it at 1AM, but MU has a different time zone setting, so I will abide by that and changed the date to 18th xD
Not that it really matters, just for anyone wondering why this post is the 19th again.

So, I won’t even try for daily releases with this teaser. Honestly, it’s too tiring and I don’t see any reason to. Tmw I will (hopefully) work on a manga chapter that’s laying around for too long now.

To clarify some things:
-I translate the web version
-Three people were summoned. I thought the expression “together with the Hero” implied that-.- Either way, all three characters get introduced now.
-Suimei didn’t kill anyone yet. My phrasing was a bit bad, I guess, but it only says that he’s capable of killing the Hero with a snap of his finger, not that he actually did it. Fixed the sentence now.


11 thoughts on “19/11/2014

  1. Okay, I think I understand the last chapter a bit better now that I’ve read the second one. I read the last one as the main character killing the summoned hero with a snap of his fingers, but now that I know the summoned hero was the MC’s friend, I read it as “he has the capacity to kill the summoned hero with a snap of his fingers.”

    I seriously thought we were dealing with a monstrously minded MC for a whole day.

  2. Thanks for the chapter and I will enjoy them as (or shortly after) you release them.

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