I had discussed the matter on various other sites, so I assumed everyone knew about it already and simply forgot to officially announce it here then.
I have dropped Konjiki no Word Master, because Yoraikun, known for his translation of Shieldbro, will be taking over the project.
I have a policy of working alone on my projects, so we will not work on it together.
I already started a new teaser anyway.

As for that new teaser, this chapter was ugh-.- Nearly as bad as the current Risou chapter. I was about to give up midway, but kinda got my act together in the end. Sigh, still, I’m pooped now.
The next chapter is fucking long (for a web chapter), so do not expect a release tmw, maybe not even this week. Although I say that, I actually didn’t intend to release this today as I wanted to work on something else, but heck, screw plans.
And I got a name wrong on the previous chapter. Reiji last name is supposed to be Shana. Sry.


21 thoughts on “20/11/2014

  1. Thanks for the new chapter, and thanks for your hard work with Konjiki till now

  2. Konjiki has been handed off? So that’s why you took on a new web novel, I get it now.

  3. Ok, the idea is kinda new, or at least I don’t remember the plot with hero + love intest + kick-ass mage, it could develop into something slightly similar to Arifureta, who knows but I like it

    As allways, thanks for the translation, Prozess

  4. Sorry to bother you about this, but could you please post a link to Konjiki no Word Master? I sorry, but I am not familiar with Yoraikun. I will continue to read your stuff, but I also wanted to continue reading Konjiki no Word Master. Thanks again for telling this to us.

  5. Hey, PROzess just came here to ask if the sorrows you said you had when translating konjiki are gone? Hope they are. You seem like a nice guy. So Good luck with life.

  6. Thanks for the release <3
    Also, good to know Konjiki will continue to be translated.
    Oh, I wanted to note as well that I kinda like the style of your posts, they seem to allow a certain look into your character and I like what I see (or rather read in this case) ^^.

  7. Hi, sorry to bother you, but will you continue translating this series or did someone else picked it up?

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